How To Design A Reader's Corner In The Library

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How To Design A Reader's Corner In The Library
How To Design A Reader's Corner In The Library

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Today it is impossible to imagine a modern library without visual aids oriented to the reader's requests. Visual forms of literature propaganda can be expressed in the design of exhibitions of book novelties, thematic stands, collages, in the use of library hand-drawn, applicative posters, colorful catalogs, etc.

How to design a reader's corner in the library
How to design a reader's corner in the library

It is necessary

  • - stands;
  • - books;
  • - a set of upholstered furniture;
  • - coffee tables.


Step 1

Despite the large selection of visual aids, not every library uses them to decorate the reader's corner. Problems are usually associated with insufficient library space. To make the reader's corner as informative and noticeable as possible, follow some guidelines.

Step 2

When decorating the reader's corner, remember that filling it with a large number of books distracts the attention of library visitors. Therefore, use photomontages based on colorful illustrations.

Step 3

To comply with the principle of accessibility of information posted in the reader's corner, create an "inviting" zone. To do this, arrange an information stand according to a multilevel model, taking into account the interests of readers of different ages. Divide it into three areas: information for teachers, parents, high school students; information interesting and useful for all categories of readers; information for novice readers. At the same time, it is better to arrange the zones in a different style solution.

Step 4

Place on the "inviting" stand information about the operating hours of the library, a guidebook (depending on the number of rooms), rules for using the library, bright advertising of book novelties and, if possible, capacious slogans, mottos and slogans that attract the attention of visitors.

Step 5

Include an express exhibition of book novelties in your reader's corner. It can be constantly updated, changing the titles of the sections, taking into account the reader's demand. In addition, the month of organizing the express exhibition influences the selection of the novelties on display. For example, in May - on the eve of the summer holidays - there may be a demand for software works on literature.

Step 6

Depending on the purpose of the hall in which the reader's corner is located, you can arrange thematic shelves with materials, for example, on local history, in various sections of the curriculum (dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, etc.).

Step 7

To observe feedback with the reader, select a place in the corner where the visitor can leave his comments, express wishes, express gratitude to the library staff, etc.

Step 8

Since public thematic events are often held, place a corner of upholstered furniture and coffee tables next to the information and exhibition stands. They can be used to display magazines, fresh newspapers, advertising brochures.

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