Biography Of Putin's Wife: Career And Family

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Biography Of Putin's Wife: Career And Family
Biography Of Putin's Wife: Career And Family

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The name of this woman has always aroused increased public interest. She became the country's first lady twice in 2000 and 2012.

Biography of Putin's wife: career and family
Biography of Putin's wife: career and family

Childhood and youth

Lyudmila was born in 1958 in Kaliningrad. Her father was from the Bryansk region, worked as a turner at a factory, her mother worked as a cashier for a motorcade. In her hometown, Luda graduated from school. She was a very beautiful and modest girl, while actively participating in Komsomol affairs and even tried to enter a theater university. She worked as a postman, nurse, accompanist, flight attendant on the internal Kaliningrad lines, studied turning and headed the drama club in the city Palace of Pioneers. Parents dreamed that their daughter would receive a technical education. But Lyudmila found her calling in Romance philology. Her thesis at Leningrad University was dedicated to the peculiarities of the Spanish language.

Fateful meeting

Lyudmila Shkrebneva and Vladimir Putin first met at a concert in one of the Leningrad theaters. Their casual acquaintance grew into a serious romance. Two years later, they legalized their relationship. An important event for the young family was the birth of a child - the daughter of Maria, followed by her second daughter, Catherine. Ludmila understood from the very beginning that work for her husband comes first. By that time, she was already accustomed to the business trips of her husband, who worked in the KGB. After receiving her diploma, she left with her family for the GDR for four years. After returning, she began to teach German at the Institute for Teacher Development.

First lady

For her husband, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna became a real "fighting friend". The husband did not indulge her with special romance; he pronounced the word "love" once when he proposed to her. But the girl was realistic and understood that she could build a strong family. She was always calm, did not lose her composure and endurance, supported all her husband's undertakings. Therefore, when the husband began his political career, she steadfastly accepted the burden of the first lady of the country. Due to his busy schedule, their rare communication was reduced altogether. In addition, the president's wife was very frightened by the publicity.

Hiding her fear, she with dignity participated in official events, receptions of foreign delegations, and occasionally went abroad herself. All this time she did not forget about her work. In addition to her specialized Spanish language, Lyudmila Alexandrovna is fluent in German, Portuguese and French. She was fascinated by the organization of various philological forums and charitable events. As the head of the Russian Language Center, she has received several prestigious awards.

From time to time, the president's wife disappeared from the cameras. This gave rise to many rumors. So in 2000, the illness brought her to the Mother Superior in the Snetogorsk Monastery, she could start her duties as a spouse of the president only a year later. For the second time, in 2008, she stopped appearing in public altogether. The Western press called her "the invisible wife of the Russian leader." She appeared only in 2012 with her husband to participate in the presidential elections and again became the first lady. A few months later, the Putin spouses announced that their marriage, which had lasted almost three decades, was "over." Perhaps it was the excessive publicity that led Lyudmila to such a decision.

After divorce

After going through a divorce, she began to lead an even more secretive life. After so many years of marriage, the separation was not easy. The air of freedom, the support of friends and adult daughters allowed her to start a new relationship. It became known about the romance of Lyudmila with Artur Ocheretny, the head of the Center for interpersonal communications.

There is very little information about how Lyudmila Aleksandrovna lives today. It is only known that she bears the surname Ocheretnaya and is quite happy.In her personal life, her dream of a real family hearth came true.

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