Nikolay Slichenko: Biography, Personal Life

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Nikolay Slichenko: Biography, Personal Life
Nikolay Slichenko: Biography, Personal Life

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Actor, singer and director Nikolai Slichenko is not only a talented person, but also an effective manager. For many years he has directed the Romen Gypsy Theater. There is no such institution of culture either in Europe or in America. For his work and creative achievements, Nikolai Alekseevich Slichenko was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Soviet Union.

Nikolay Slichenko
Nikolay Slichenko

From the collective farm to the theater

The appearance on the stage of a bright and memorable performer sometimes happens completely unexpectedly. This is how Nikolai Slichenko introduced himself to the grateful audience. Few people know that the actor had to go through difficult and even tragic periods in his life. In a large gypsy family, Nikolai was born the fifth in a row. When the boy turned 7 years old, the war began. Circumstances developed in such a way that, in front of his eyes, the Nazis shot his father. This event is forever engraved in the memory of the child.

In the post-war years, people in the territories liberated from the invaders had to work hard and hard. Both old and small ones were attracted to work on the restoration of the destroyed economy. Kolёk did not shy away from assignments. On the collective farm, they had to plow, and sow, and look after the horses. Compatriots have long remembered how a teenager supported them in their work with funny songs and jokes. He knew many gypsy and Russian songs. He owned a guitar and danced. The young talent was hard to miss. Elderly people in a village near Voronezh advised him to "go" to the capital.

Of course, word of mouth brought rumors to these places about the Gypsy theater "Romen". Nikolai doubted for some time - after all, without education, the troupe will not get into. But for a person at the age of 16, there are no insurmountable obstacles. Slichenko arrived in Moscow and was accepted into the auxiliary staff of the theater. From this moment, his creative career begins. Yes, I had to work thoroughly in extras, to perform episodic roles. The talented young man treated all assignments with desire and good mood.

Actor and director

The creative biography of Nikolai Slichenko does not fit into the standard framework. It is important to emphasize that he has always enjoyed learning from senior stage partners. Unnoticed by his colleagues, Nikolai graduated from evening school and received a certificate of secondary education. He starred in the film "Wedding in Malinovka". The role in the movie added popularity and experience to the performer. The time has come and Nikolai entered the directing department at GITIS. Slichenko knew perfectly well how his creative team lived in the theater, and what milestones could be outlined for the future.

Among the significant directorial works, critics note the play "We are Gypsies". This is a unique production that has not left the stage for over forty years. Analysts who are engaged in fixing outstanding achievements in various fields of activity could not pass by such an event. In 2017, the performance was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The main director does not intend to dwell on this line.

Like many creative personalities, the personal life of the People's Artist Slichenko is inextricably linked with his native theater "Romen". In the first attempt, a young and inexperienced artist married Setara Kazymova, with whom they worked on the same stage. But after eight years, love melted in a haze and left a boy named Alexei for his mother. After a while, already with a cool head, Nikolai registered a marriage with Tamilla Agamirova. Husband and wife should live with mutual support - this rule has been tested for centuries.

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