What Does Eminem's Daughter Do

What Does Eminem's Daughter Do
What Does Eminem's Daughter Do

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Marshal Bruce Mathers III is known all over the world under his pseudonym Eminem. He is a prominent representative of the rap industry, an amazing producer and a talented actor. All of his projects have received the highest awards, his albums have become the best-selling albums not only in America, but throughout the world many times.

What does Eminem's daughter do
What does Eminem's daughter do

Many journalists consider Eminem the brightest star of our time and a man of an entire era.

Eminem is one of the few to have received 10 Grammy nominations.

He released in 2008 a frank autobiography in which he was able to state how difficult it was for him to fight for his fame, that he went through many tests from poverty to drugs. Very often, Eminem hears a question about his family, in particular about what his daughter Haley is doing.

Difficult marriage

She was born in 1995, and now she is 19 years old, throughout her life she observed not an easy relationship between her mother Kim and father Marshall. They divorced several times and converged again, constant changes are characteristic of both of them.

Kim and Marshal met in childhood, because of a difficult relationship with her parents, Kim left home and she was sheltered by the mother of her future husband. And so their not simple relationship began to take shape, then the daughter of Haley appeared.

By his own admission, Marshall wanted to be the best father, since his father left them with his mother when he was 6 months old. But constant money problems led their marriage to divorce, Kim left, and for 4 years Marshall did not see his daughter. Eminem calls that time the most terrible, because he tried to commit suicide with the help of drugs.

A few years later, when Eminem still achieved the long-awaited success, his wife returned, and they got married again, but, unfortunately, not for long.

Hayley Mathers

Now Haley is closely involved with her studies at school, but in her free time she likes to visit her dad's studio to watch him create his new musical masterpieces.

She is an active user of social networks, loves photography very much and often uploads pictures of everything around her. In addition, she posts fashion tips on the Internet, and always talks in detail about her life, loves to answer questions. In fact, at the moment she is an active blogger who talks about her everyday life.

Haley is actively involved in sports, she was also in the cheerleader support group. It is worth noting that as a child, the girl participated in the recording of several tracks and, perhaps, in the future she will continue to engage in musical creativity. And now she lives in the same big house with her sisters, whom Eminem adopted.

One of Marshal's adopted daughters is his niece, and her name is Amanda. Both parents have the same rights to visit Hailey after the divorce, so Eminem likes to spend every free minute with his daughter, and once even canceled a tour just to be with her.

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