What Are Alcoholic Omens And Superstitions

What Are Alcoholic Omens And Superstitions
What Are Alcoholic Omens And Superstitions

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In Russia, there is a real table etiquette, woven from all kinds of signs and superstitions, which clearly regulates who and how should pour intoxicating drinks and the rules of behavior at the festive table, so as not to accidentally incur trouble.

What are alcoholic omens and superstitions
What are alcoholic omens and superstitions

Cannot be poured by weight

The most mysterious superstition for which it is difficult to find an explanation is that you cannot pour into glasses by weight. There are several versions of the origin of this tradition.

According to the omen, if you fill a glass by weight, then you will not have money. How one is connected with the other is not clear. It is just that it is considered that by analogy with the omen associated with bread. According to our ancestors, if you cut bread by weight, then the year will be bad. Apparently, alcohol in this case is considered the same valuable product, therefore, the same signs as bread apply to it.

For practical reasons, it is really undesirable to fill glasses by weight. The hand may tremble and alcohol spills on the table.

You can't clink glasses twice

If during the feast you forgot that you have already clinked glasses with this person and clink glasses twice, then you should clink glasses a third time in order to distract the trouble from yourself. In all likelihood, there is an analogy here with the Holy Trinity and the custom of kissing three times.

If you have already clinked glasses, then you cannot put a glass on the table

This is a kind of homage. Having sipped alcohol after a heartfelt toast, you thereby agree with what was said. If you just put the glass on the table, then, thus, show disrespect or your disagreement with the words spoken.

Other signs associated with alcohol that are difficult to explain

After the first glass, do not eat. You can't pour alcohol through your hand - there will be trouble. You can't "change your hand". During the feast, one must pour. You cannot raise a glass and clink glasses with your left hand. Empty bottles should not be left on the table.

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