What Caused Lenin's Death

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What Caused Lenin's Death
What Caused Lenin's Death

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Not only life, but also the death of V.I. Lenin causes controversy, which does not subside to this day. Lenin passed away at a fairly mature, but far from old age. The life and health of the leader of the proletarian revolution have been carefully guarded in recent years. But hard work as head of state made itself felt. Lenin's condition became worse from year to year, and in 1924 he died. What was the cause of the death of Vladimir Lenin?

What caused Lenin's death
What caused Lenin's death

Lenin's health

The health of the leader of the world proletariat deteriorated significantly after he was wounded in 1918. During the assassination attempt, Lenin was wounded by pistol shots, with one of the bullets hitting him in the neck and the other in the arm. For some time after the assassination attempt, Ilyich was even unconscious.

At that time, the wound received by the leader of the revolution could be fatal, the doctors' diagnoses were disappointing. However, Lenin quickly recovered and very soon resumed active work in the administration of the state. But researchers believe that the injury had an extremely negative effect on Lenin's health and made itself felt even several years later.

Another reason that undermined Lenin's health was his extreme nervous overload. For many years Ilyich worked hard every day. He carefully and comprehensively studied literary sources, he himself wrote many articles and larger works on the theory and practice of the revolutionary movement. Lenin's living conditions and food were almost always more than modest.

The leader of the proletariat spent a long time in exile and in forced emigration. All this left an imprint on his health.

After the victory of the socialist revolution, Lenin's routine became even more tense. He had to manage every hour the affairs of the new workers 'and peasants' government, sacrificing rest and sleep. This has become another of the causes of nervous exhaustion and health disorders.

The cause of death of the leader of the proletariat

Nervous overload and the consequences of a bullet wound caused Lenin's serious illness. The leading specialists in the field of medicine, in particular, neuropathologists, were involved in the treatment of the head of state. At the end of 1922, Ilyich's condition deteriorated sharply, after which, at the insistence of doctors, he moved to Gorki near Moscow. After that, Lenin did not appear in Moscow, although he continued to write and did not disregard other important matters.

A year before Lenin's death, doctors made rather optimistic forecasts about his state of health, but the miracle did not happen. January 1924 was the most difficult time for those close to Lenin. The leader felt a sharp deterioration in his condition.

On January 21, 1924, the heart of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin stopped beating.

The official conclusion on the causes of the death of Vladimir Lenin says that death occurred as a result of atherosclerosis of the vessels after their premature wear. This diagnosis has been confirmed by modern serious researchers. In particular, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Yu.M. Lopukhin in 1997, in his research work on the illness, death and embalming of Vladimir Lenin, unequivocally confirms this diagnosis of doctors. The researcher's confidence is based on the fact that he himself studied the preparations of the brain of the leader of the revolution.

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