How To Find Out A Person's Age

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How To Find Out A Person's Age
How To Find Out A Person's Age

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Often you want to know the age of the person with whom you communicate in real or virtual life. The reasons can be different, if only because of interest. How can you find out how old your opponent is, at least approximately?

How to find out a person's age
How to find out a person's age

It is necessary

computer, internet access, calculator to simplify calculations


Step 1

Ask your friend how old he is. Of course, if a person does not want, he may not tell you his age, he may even answer in a rather rude form. Also, your friend may be lying.

Step 2

Look at the passport of the person you are interested in. By seeing the date of birth, the age can be easily calculated. The year of birth is subtracted from the current year, while if there has not been a birthday in the given year, one more year is subtracted. Please note that your passport may not be shown to you due to the recent increase in cases of fraud.

Step 3

Take advantage of social media. Find the person you are interested in there and on his page you can find the date of birth. However, not all users indicate the correct year of birth, and many even hide it altogether.

Step 4

View messages addressed to this user, published in the public domain, for example, on the wall. You will be able to see congratulations, for example, on your twenty-fifth birthday. Then you just need to look at the date of the appearance of the inscription and add the time that has passed since that moment. That is, if the message "with the twenty-fifth anniversary" was sent on February 4, 2010, then on February 4, 2011 the person will already be 26 years old.

Step 5

Ask leading questions. For example, "what year did you graduate from school?" As a rule, a person graduates from school at the age of 17. Accordingly, according to the available data, you can calculate how old your friend is now.

Step 6

Find out your friend's zodiac sign. This refers to the Chinese horoscope. Thus, if a person tells you that he was born in the year of the bull, you just need to look at when he was. These are 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973 and so on. You just have to determine what age your friend is more suitable for.

Step 7

Ask mutual acquaintances. Perhaps your friends are more familiar with the person you are interested in - then they will be able to reveal the secret of his age.

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