Should A Girl's Godmother Be Married

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Should A Girl's Godmother Be Married
Should A Girl's Godmother Be Married

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The baptism of a baby is one of the great sacraments of the Orthodox Church. There are many tips on how to properly perform the ceremony, and even so as not to harm the child and create very favorable conditions for his future life and health. Some of them are undoubtedly true, but some of them are not only denied by the church, but also condemned.

Should a girl's godmother be married
Should a girl's godmother be married

For parents of a child who have decided to perform the sacrament of baptism of a baby, perhaps the main task is to choose an attorney for the godmother and godfather. Until the very day of the baptism of a child-girl, the question often arises whether her godmother should be a married woman or not.

Traditionally, it is believed that the godmother should be chosen from among the loners. There is a belief: if the godmother is not married, then after the ceremony she will meet her long-awaited love. But if a girl, unfortunately, cannot get pregnant for a long time and suddenly acquires the status of a godmother, then soon she herself will certainly be able to enjoy motherhood.

If the godfather directs the child's worldly life, then the godmother is called to guide him in the spiritual path: it was she who introduced the baby to the temple, she also brings him up in faith and purity.

Difficult choice

To choose a girl for the role of godmother, you can turn to a priest ordained or simply an experienced priest. Most often, a week before the christening, priests talk about the sacrament itself, about what things need to be purchased, and about the important role and mission that the chosen new parents have. In the end, the most important thing when choosing a godmother is not at all the question of her status in society, but the topic of religion. It is important that the godmother is a believer and baptized.

The godmother is obliged to buy an icon of the saint with the name of the girl and a special fabric, which is called a kryzhma. The best canopy will be a brand new white fabric, symbolizing the purity of a little girl. It is believed that in the future, the mother of the baby will carefully store this fabric and not show it to anyone.

A child can be baptized after 8 days from birth, but it is important to take into account that a woman who has given birth cannot enter the temple for 40 days from birth.


But still, there are many terrible legends among the people that if the godmother did not manage to get married before the ceremony, she will give her family happiness to the child, and she herself will not become a happy wife. Allegedly, this is why it is necessary to invite a married woman who already has a wonderful destiny and has her own family. One way or another, all this is just superstition, and it is still for parents to choose who will be the godmother, the main thing is to approach the issue seriously. It is important that the person targeted for the role is kind, believes in the Lord, and treats the new role with all the responsibility entrusted to him. The godmother is the child's second mother, who throughout his future life will help and support him in all affairs and undertakings.

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