What States Can Be Called Russia's Maritime Neighbors

What States Can Be Called Russia's Maritime Neighbors
What States Can Be Called Russia's Maritime Neighbors

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The vast territory occupied by the state of Russia is surrounded by a large number of neighbors by land and water. There are common sea borders with the Baltic countries, Japan, Finland, Turkey, the USA and many others.

What states can be called Russia's maritime neighbors
What states can be called Russia's maritime neighbors

For many centuries, since Russia began to be called Russia and the Russians realized themselves as a single people and a single nation, the state, represented by its rulers, waged long bloody wars in order to finally become a sea power. This was persistently sought by Peter I and Catherine II. The efforts of the rulers were not in vain.

Even in spite of the fact that present-day Russia no longer occupies 1/8 of the land, as it was during the Soviet Union, the water borders still remain very long.

Western and Eastern Neighbors of Russia

Among the closest neighbors to the west are the former Baltic republics: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Now the Russians who remain there are in a very difficult situation, because openly nationalist leaders are in power. Russian schools are being closed, persecution of the Russian language is underway.

The Baltic Sea from the west also connects Russia with the country of "a thousand rivers and lakes" Finland and freedom-loving Poland.

From the east of Russia, Japan is just a stone's throw away. A narrow strait called La Perouse separates the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island from Japanese Hokkaido. A unique state with a long history, one of the oldest empires in the world. Culture and aesthetics with ethics that cannot be compared with anything. Diligence and ability to squeeze the maximum out of scarce natural resources. This country is definitely worth visiting at least once, and there it is possible that you will want to return again.

Northern and southern neighbors of the Russian Federation

The Caspian Sea basin connects Russia with the following countries: Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.

In the North, the even shorter Bering Strait separates Russia and the United States. Alexander II had the imprudence to sell Alaska America for nothing. Then it remained, as they say, only to bite the elbows - he sold out. And by that time the Russians had mastered these lands very thoroughly. I had to get out of my way and not salty … It is much further to the mainstream America.

Kingdom of Norway. The border with this northern European state is small. Its length is only 196 km. According to the UN, this country is the most prosperous and developed in the world.

From the southwest, Russia borders the Black Sea with Georgia - a mountainous country with incredible beauty of landscapes and developed winemaking, historically and spiritually close to Ukraine, the famous eastern resort of Turkey and the Balkan states of Bulgaria and Romania.

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