What's With Dr. House's Leg

What's With Dr. House's Leg
What's With Dr. House's Leg

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Dr. Gregory House is the protagonist of the American TV series "House MD", played by British actor Hugh Laurie. He is considered a brilliant diagnostician, able to understand the most confusing cases. However, he himself has serious health problems - he limps on his right leg, experiences severe pain and takes drugs.

What's with Dr. House's leg
What's with Dr. House's leg

Shadows of the past

Throughout the series, viewers can see Gregory House lightly running through the park. This footage from the past illustrates how much House lost when he ended up on the operating table against his will.

In addition to running, House played rock climbing, played golf, and met his girlfriend Stacy while playing paintball, where Gregory played for the medical team and Stacey for the legal team. This happened ten years before the events described in the series.

After five years of marriage, House noticed pain in his right leg during a golf match. He ignored the symptoms until it was too late - a heart attack on the thigh muscle damaged the muscle tissue. However, House was categorically against the operation - being a highly qualified diagnostician, he figured that he could be cured without the intervention of surgeons, albeit with a high risk of death.

But Stacey decided otherwise. While House was in a coma, she, as a confidant, signed a consent to the operation. House had his quadriceps femoris removed to avoid amputation and death. However, having regained consciousness, House did not forgive Stacey for such an interference in his life.

Consequences of someone else's choice

Since then, House has been forced to walk with a cane and experience lifelong pain in his severed leg that drove him insane. House blamed Stacy for this, but Stacey was sure she had the right to save the life of a loved one. In the end, they broke up.

According to director David Shore, Dr. House's personality is a tribute to Sherlock Holmes. In the series, there are many references to the brilliant detective, right up to House's address: Princeton, Baker Street, # 221, V.

The doctor looked for salvation from pain in the investigation of interesting diagnostic cases and drugs. He used methadone, LSD, and heroin, but House's main pain reliever was Vicodin tablets (the opiate hydrocodone and paracetamol).

Having started using Vicodin as an anesthetic, House got used to it and could no longer do without it. He even had to fake prescriptions for Vicodin, as the pains got worse, and he had to increase the dose.

House's leg became an excuse for everything - the absence of a beloved woman, a disgusting character, a bad mood, and, of course, an addiction to Vicodin. However, Dr. Wilson, wishing to make life easier for a friend, found that often the pain is psychosomatic in nature.

When House’s life begins to improve or an interesting diagnosis distracts attention, his leg doesn’t bother him.

Dangerous attempt

In one of the episodes, leaving no hope of a complete cure, House began taking an experimental drug for muscle regeneration. However, an untested drug caused cancer. Not wanting to be helpless again under anesthesia, House tried to remove the tumors that had appeared in the bathtub at home. After removing one tumor out of three, House was forced to call the head physician of the hospital, Lisa Cuddy, as he realized that he would die without completing the operation. At the hospital, he received the necessary assistance and removed the remaining tumors.

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