Flynn Brandon: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Flynn Brandon: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Flynn Brandon: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Flynn Brandon: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Flynn Brandon: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Brandon Flynn is an American actor and producer. He began his creative career by participating in school performances. Then he worked in the troupe of the Globus Theater for a year. And the greatest success for Brandon was brought by the leading role in the rating series "13 Reasons Why".

Brandon Flynn
Brandon Flynn

In 1993, Brandon Flynn was born. Date of birth: October 11. Debbie - Brandon's mother - worked at a bank. What the father, whose name is Michael, was busy with, unfortunately, is unknown. In addition to Brandon himself, this family has two more children - girls. Flynn's hometown is Miami, Florida, USA.

Facts from the biography of Brandon Flynn

The talented boy grew up in a Jewish family. His acting talent became evident in childhood. Having started attending school, Brandon got into a theater club. And this despite the fact that the boy at that moment was not particularly eager to go to the stage. To some extent, he was even frightened by public speaking.

The first school play in which Brandon took part was the fairy tale "Peter Pan". As part of this production, the boy played the role of Mr. Smee, Captain Hook's assistant. For Flynn, this first experiment was not very successful. The boy was very worried. On stage, he began to hiccup, forgetting the words. Brandon said in an interview that during the performance he could not cope with himself and eventually disrupted the finale of the performance.

Despite this failure, Flynn continued to attend drama school until the end of high school. Creativity and art gradually captured him more and more.

After receiving his high school diploma, Brandon lived in the UK for a year. In London, he attended acting school, studying the arts of drama and stage performance. Then the talented young man returned to America. Having settled for a while in New Jersey, Flynn successfully graduated from the art school, which was located at Rutgers University. He then received his Bachelor of Arts degree.

It is worth noting that while Brandon lived in England, he was very interested in the theater. As a result, for some time the young man was a member of the troupe of the world-famous Globus Theater. Here he mainly participated in plays and performances that were staged based on the works of Shakespeare.

His career in film and television began at the age of fifteen. During this period of time, the talented young man began to attend various castings. He starred in extra films and commercials. However, real success came to the novice actor only in 2016. Then Flynn was able to get into the cast of one of the new television series, which, however, did not have high viewership ratings. However, working on this project gave Brandon the necessary experience. Influential people drew attention to him, because Flynn's acting career began to develop.

Today the artist lives in Los Angeles, California. He actively maintains pages on social networks, where he communicates with fans and where you can see how the sought-after actor lives outside of filming.

In 2018, a short film entitled "Binge" premiered, giving Flynn a new experience. He acted as a co-producer of the picture, but also played one of the roles here.

Career development

The first work on television for Brandon Flynn was a role in the series "Brainless", which was released by the CBS channel. However, this series was canceled after the first season.

Flynn's next job was a role in the short film Home Films. This painting was released in 2017. The actor in this project plays himself.

In the same 2017, the first season of the acclaimed television series "13 Reasons Why" began to appear on the screens. In this project, the young actor got the role of Justin Foley. His character is one of the central characters in the story. The series was so successful that it was decided to continue filming after the first season. Brandon continues to work on the show to this day, and is currently working on the third season of the series.

In 2019, a new season of the True Detective television series began to appear. Here Flynn got the role of a character named Ryan Peters. Brandon's character is not the main character for this show, but appears on the screen quite regularly (recurring role).

The artist's filmography, which is not yet particularly rich, also includes a project called "Looks That Kill". However, it is not known when the premiere of this film will take place.

Love, relationships, personal life

At the age of fourteen, Brandon Flynn told his parents that he was of a non-traditional sexual orientation. The artist's father and mother were sympathetic to such information.

In 2017, the actor officially came out in public. Until mid-2018, Flynn was in a relationship with a man named Sam Smith, who is a singer.

To date, there is no exact data about who Brandon Flynn is dating.

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