Voinarovskaya Elena Pavlovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Voinarovskaya Elena Pavlovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Voinarovskaya Elena Pavlovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Elena Voinarovskaya is a popular Ukrainian singer, one of the members of the female group Flёur, which existed until 2017. After the collapse of the collective, Voinarovskaya actively performs solo programs. Elena managed to make her childhood dream come true: from a young age she wanted to become an author and performer of her own songs.

Elena Pavlovna Voinarovskaya
Elena Pavlovna Voinarovskaya

From the biography of Elena Pavlovna Voinarovskaya

The future Ukrainian singer and songwriter was born in Nikolaev (Ukraine) on October 31, 1970. In her hometown, Elena lived until the eighth grade, after which she moved to Odessa.

The girl began to study music in elementary school. Parents sent her to a music school, where Elena mastered the piano. However, Lena soon abandoned formal training - she liked to select tunes by ear. The girl began to compose her own music and poetry at the age of 14. After school, Voinarovskaya learned to play the guitar.

Elena received her education at the National Academy of Food Technologies in Odessa.

Career and work of Elena Voinarovskaya

In the 90s, Elena became a member of the Cats group, where she was a guitarist and vocalist. The women's team has released several trial recordings in English and Russian. But in 1994, the group disbanded after the death of one of its members.

In subsequent years, Voinarovskaya created texts for musical groups in Odessa, where her good friends were engaged in creative work.

In February 2000, Elena Voinarovskaya and Olga Pulatova created the Flёur group. A little later, Yulia Zemlyanaya joined the girls. For the entire existence of this group, Elena has been a permanent composer, arranger, songwriter and performer. The style of music performed by the collective was unusual for Ukraine and Russia. The girls themselves called their genre "cardiwave".

By 2006, the group's English-language project was presented to the Odessa public. In preparing the program, samples of English poetic classics and lyrics written by Voinarovskaya were used.

In the fall of 2015, Elena and her colleagues went on a tour with a new program, which included songs from Flёur's repertoire.

In March 2017, the musical group announced that it would cease to exist. After several farewell concerts, Elena Voinarovskaya and Olga Pulatova focused on solo performances. However, the former members of the group do not exclude that in the future they can perform in joint programs.

Personal life of Elena Voinarovskaya

In the summer of 2013, Voinarovskaya was diagnosed with cancer. That she had to fight cancer, Elena admitted to fans only a year later. The singer dedicated one of her best compositions ("The Noise of the Foliage") to the attending physician.

Elena rarely performs songs written by other authors. In solo work, she is attracted by the opportunity to express her own style, at times young and impetuous, at times replete with mood swings. She compares her creations with spring sprouts, in which life pulsates in all its diversity.

The singer is acutely worried about the events in Ukraine, which began in the spring of 2014, and even dedicated two of her compositions to this national crisis.

Elena currently lives in Odessa.

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