Where To Go About Drug Addicts

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Where To Go About Drug Addicts
Where To Go About Drug Addicts

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People who use drugs most often spoil life not only for themselves and their loved ones, but even for neighbors on the staircase or entrance. However, this problem can be solved simply by calling.

Where to go about drug addicts
Where to go about drug addicts


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If you have reason to believe that one of your neighbors not only uses drugs, but is also engaged in their production or distribution, you can report your suspicions by calling the Federal Service for Drug Control in your city or by a single The "anti-drug" number 8-800-345-67-89.

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In addition, there is an Internet reception on the service website, where you can leave your message via the Internet. Here you can either provide your passport data or declare the fact of the distribution of drugs anonymously, but in the second case, you will not be able to receive an official response to your appeal. Finally, you can send an ordinary paper letter to the FSKN or come to the reception in person.

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Also in Russia there are numerous civic associations that fight against the spread of narcotic substances. For example, the City Without Drugs Foundation, founded by the mayor of Yekaterinburg, also accepts complaints from citizens about the facts of drug trafficking throughout the Russian Federation. Applications are accepted both by phone and through the foundation's website.

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In the event that the drug addicts you know are not engaged in the sale of drugs, but simply disturb the public peace, forcing people to worry about their safety, you can contact the nearest police department or your district police officer. To do this, it is not necessary to come in person and write a statement, it is enough to call the duty station at 02 and complain about the violation of the order.

Step 5

Several calls may have to be made as all police crews may be busy. Nevertheless, in most cases, this measure is quite effective. As a rule, one visit of police officers to an apartment where they regularly use drugs is enough for its residents to stop bothering their neighbors at the entrance, choosing another place for their meetings.

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