What Are The Names Of The Seats In The Theater Auditorium

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What Are The Names Of The Seats In The Theater Auditorium
What Are The Names Of The Seats In The Theater Auditorium

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A parterre, a balcony, an amphitheater … Probably, only an avid theatergoer will be able to understand these names without difficulty, and besides, it is also easy to distinguish a menoir from a mezzanine. Knowing this, meanwhile, is necessary for anyone who considers himself a cultured person.

Auditorium of the Royal Opera in London
Auditorium of the Royal Opera in London

Despite the fact that, according to the classic, the theater begins with a hanger, the main thing in it is the auditorium. And in the hall itself - the stage and the seats, respectively.

Since antiquity, the theater has undergone colossal changes. But its essence remained the same, for any theater is, first of all, a spectacle. And every show presupposes a spectator, who, in turn, wants the show as comfortable as possible. The viewer at all times was not indifferent to what place he would occupy in front of the stage.

Parterre and balcony

The prototype of the location, and consequently the names of spectator places, appeared in medieval street theaters, which had a stage of a booth type.

Due to persecution, theaters did not have their own premises at that time.

Most of the spectators stood in front of the stage and so, standing, watched the play of the actors. This place was called parterre. However, residents of the surrounding houses could watch the performance from their balconies. This is how the balcony appeared.

With the advent of theater halls, these street names successfully migrated under the roof. True, the seats in the stalls remained standing for a long time and were intended for people of the lower classes. Only under the influence of the ideas of the French Revolution, spectator chairs appeared in the stalls.

The balconies are located in different tiers opposite the stage or on the sides of the parterre. The amphitheater became one of their varieties. He was also facing the stage, going up in smooth ledges.

Lodges and gallery

But the most honorable place in the theater auditorium undoubtedly belongs to the boxes. Unlike a balcony, this is already a fenced-off room on some tier.

A special place among them is occupied by the general (royal) box. It is usually located opposite the stage with the most convenient view for the audience. In addition, it serves as a kind of PR for its special visitors and increasing their level of safety.

Important persons in the general box are perfectly visible from anywhere in the hall. And for security purposes, it has a separate entrance.

Benoir - located in one of the tiers on the sides of the parterre. This row of boxes is usually at or just below the stage. The mezzanine is located above the benoir and the amphitheater.

According to their size and shape, theatrical boxes are divided into two types - Italian and French. The Italian type of lodge is deeper inside. Thus, he allows those in such a box not to be too noticeable to the rest of the public. French lodges, on the other hand, allow their inhabitants to demonstrate themselves as much as possible.

And, finally, there is a gallery in the auditorium, or paradise. A favorite place for the audience, unassuming for theatrical comfort. The seats here are located in the uppermost tier. They are as far away from the stage as possible, but the cheapest.

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