Lyudmila Zorina: Biography And Personal Life Of The Actress

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Lyudmila Zorina: Biography And Personal Life Of The Actress
Lyudmila Zorina: Biography And Personal Life Of The Actress

Video: Lyudmila Zorina: Biography And Personal Life Of The Actress

Video: Lyudmila Zorina: Biography And Personal Life Of The Actress

Honored Artist Zorina Lyudmila played over 50 roles in the Saratov Drama Theater. Her creative biography continued in Lenkom. Lyudmila Aleksandrovna became the wife of the popular actor Oleg Yankovsky.

Zorina Ludmila
Zorina Ludmila

early years

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna was born on May 1, 1941. Her hometown is Saratov. Lyudmila's childhood years were spent in the war. During her studies, the girl showed acting talent, she decided to become an artist. After graduating from school, Zorina began to study at the theater school in Saratov.

Creative biography

Lyudmila received her diploma in 1964 and began to work successfully in the city's drama theater. She soon became a leading actress. The performances with Zorina's participation were sold out. The audience remembered the plays "Masquerade", "Talents and Admirers" and many others.

During that period, the actress was married to Oleg Yankovsky. His successes then were much more modest. Once Yankovsky was noticed by Vladimir Basov, a director. It happened in Lviv, where the theater was on tour. Basov invited the actor to star in the movie "Shield and Sword", which became successful.

After that, Yankovsky decided to move to the capital, Zorina went with him, sacrificing her career. In 1973, the actors settled in Lenkom. Lyudmila began to play successfully in plays, in the capital Yankovsky's career went uphill.

Zorina worked at Lenkom from 1974 to 1998. Plays with her participation received great success: "Two Women", "Tevye the Milkman" and others. In the cinema she had only a few roles, but thanks to them Zorina became recognizable. The debut was the work in the film "The guy from our city" (1978).

In 1983 she played in the movie "Flights in Dreams and in Reality", the main role was given to her husband. In the late 1980s, Zorina took part in the filming of the film "The Kreutzer Sonata". In 1999, Lyudmila Alexandrovna became an Honored Artist.

After the death of Yankovsky's husband, she left the theater, sometimes appears on the screens. In 2003, Zorina played in the television play "Amapola", and then starred in the films "Barbarian and Heretic", "Two Women".

Personal life of Zorina Lyudmila

Lyudmila met Oleg Yankovsky when she was a student at the Saratov School. They became friends in Moscow, where they went among the best students. Later, Oleg and Lyudmila got married. The marriage turned out to be strong and did not break up due to jealousy of each other's successes.

Lyudmila was with Oleg until the death of the actor and did a lot to make him happy. The family had a son, Philip, who, like his parents, became an actor. Fandera Oksana, an actress, became his wife. Ivan and Elizabeth, grandchildren of Lyudmila and Oleg Yankovsky, were born.

The marriage lasted until 2009, when Oleg Ivanovich died of pancreatic cancer. Lyudmila Alexandrovna never married again. She often gives interviews about her husband's creative biography. Zorina is spoken of as an exemplary spouse. Sometimes the actress can be seen at cultural events.