Biography And Personal Life Of Svetlana Permyakova

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Biography And Personal Life Of Svetlana Permyakova
Biography And Personal Life Of Svetlana Permyakova

Video: Biography And Personal Life Of Svetlana Permyakova

Video: Biography And Personal Life Of Svetlana Permyakova
Video: Светлана Пермякова - известная актриса - биография 2023, December

Svetlana Permyakova became famous after appearing in KVN as Svetka in the duet from Perm "Svetka and Zhanka". The bright, funny and eccentric actress was hard to miss. Even after many years, KVN lovers remember the image of two vocational school girls with lollipops in their mouths and in short skirts.

Biography and personal life of Svetlana Permyakova
Biography and personal life of Svetlana Permyakova

School and education

Sveta was born on February 17, 1972 in the city of Perm in an ordinary family. Already in her school years, Svetlana showed herself as an actress, participated in all events and theatrical performances. And, of course, after school she entered the Institute of Art and Culture in Perm.

Non-standard appetizing forms have always distinguished Svetlana Permyakova from the crowd. Most often, she got comedic roles, which she happily performed.

First roles

After the institute in 1994, Svetlana was invited to the Lysva Drama Theater.

The first role of the actress Permyakova was the role of Olga in the production of "Murlin Murlo". In the play, the action takes place in a small town where two sisters Olga and Inna live, who really want to "jump on the departing train": get married and leave the small town. Such an opportunity is given to them with the arrival of a young specialist on a business trip to their town.

It is interesting that in 2017 Svetlana will repeat this role again with a different cast and on a different stage, but will play Olga again. The play will be renamed All Women Want Love.

Then, on the stage of the Lysva Theater, Svetlana received roles in the performances Farewell of Slavyanka, Zoykina's Apartment, In a Busy Place.


The actress Permyakova gained real fame after participating in the KVN team of the major league "Parma". Conquering the viewer was not easy. The debut took place in 1992, but the audience managed to really remember Sveta only eight years later. An unforgettable duet with Zhanna Kadnikova, a colleague on the KVN team, became triumphant.

The joke from the heroine Svetlana Permyakova, who became "bearded":



The first role of Svetlana Permyakova was the role in the TV series "Soldiers", which appeared on the screens in 2004. Permyakova played Warrant Officer Topalova. Then there was nurse Lyuba in the TV series Interns, for which Permyakova received the Golden Rhino award.

In parallel with the serial filming, Permyakova becomes the host of a number of entertainment programs in Russia and Ukraine.

Personal life


Svetlana is raising a daughter, Varvara, whom she gave birth to in 2012 from producer Maxim Scriabin. Maxim is 19 years younger than Sveta. They are not officially married, but Maxim takes part in raising his daughter.

Svetlana, like all creative people, often experiments with her image and figure: she is dramatically losing weight, changing her style and hairstyles. Despite her age and different life situations, the actress Permyakova always communicates with her fans with a benevolent smile and is full of positive emotions.