How To Smoke If Everyone Is At Home

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How To Smoke If Everyone Is At Home
How To Smoke If Everyone Is At Home

Video: How To Smoke If Everyone Is At Home

Video: How To Smoke If Everyone Is At Home
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Don't they know that you smoke at home? Then you will have to find different ways to safely take a drag on your favorite cigarette. There are many ways, only so they are safe.

How to smoke if everyone is at home
How to smoke if everyone is at home

I really want to smoke, but there is no opportunity - everyone is at home. Sound familiar? But there are many ways to smoke unnoticed.

At night all cats are gray

The safest way is to enjoy a bad habit at night when everyone is asleep. Make yourself a cup of aromatic coffee, slowly, so as not to wake anyone up, bring it into your room. Listen to see if everything is in order. Then silently open the window and lean out halfway, draw the curtains behind you and smoke.

Do not forget to ventilate the room well - the smell can remain until the morning. Sprinkle with your favorite perfume and air it again - a subtle sillage of perfume will remain.

If someone smokes

If someone smokes in the house besides you, then this simplifies the matter. You can inhale in a freshly smoked room - no one will even notice that you have been smoking. Be careful not to get caught in the act. Do not forget about the evidence: do not leave ashes, throw out bulls, hide lighters.

In the bathroom

A good way to calmly smoke is to go into the bathroom, ostensibly to take a dip and smoke there, in the exhaust hole. In this case, you must make sure that there is no wind outside, otherwise, cigarette smoke will remain in the room. You don't even need an air freshener here, unless, of course, the hoods in the apartment function well.

Smoking in the bathroom or toilet presents certain inconveniences, because the hoods are high enough. Therefore, you will need to prepare the chairs in advance in order to reach the hole.

If the chimney is located directly above the bathtub, you will have to put chairs there. The bottom of the tub is slippery; place a damp cloth under the chair legs to stabilize it.

Under a plausible pretext

If you do not want to smoke, taking risks every second, then it is best to leave the house. So it is calmer, and there is less smell, and the opportunity to indulge in a bad habit with friends.

In the evening, you can go out into the courtyard with a trash can, with an excuse to take a walk before bed. Just do not abuse this method, otherwise you may arouse suspicion.

Smoking is harmful to health

And best of all, quit smoking. Having got rid of this bad habit, you will get in return fresh breath, clean fingers, freedom and improve your health.

Quitting smoking is difficult. But think: your youth and beauty depend on how strong your spirit is. Try to do this, find a replacement for the bad habit.

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