How To Read A Prayer

How To Read A Prayer
How To Read A Prayer

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The words of the prayer can be read from memory or from a prayer book, in front of an icon at home or in a church, standing or on your knees. The main thing is that they come from the heart and be supported by sincere feelings.

How to read a prayer
How to read a prayer

It is necessary

Icon, candle or lamp, prayer book


Step 1

Prayer is the fellowship of a believer with God. Through prayer, Christians communicate with the Lord and with each other. It expresses gratitude to the Creator, repentance, a request for mercy, for the forgiveness of sins. A Christian should pray daily, morning and evening. Morning prayers should be read before breakfast, as a last resort on the way to work. Evenings, so as not to interfere with fatigue, do not postpone until bedtime. Read them before dinner or earlier.

Step 2

You need to tune in to reading a prayer: get distracted from everyday affairs and worries, drive out anger, anger and resentment from the heart. Get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Before you start praying, walk around for a bit or sit until your senses calm down. Prepare yourself internally for fellowship with God. Imagine that he is nearby, hears every word addressed to him.

Step 3

Light a lamp or a candle. Get up or kneel in front of the icon. Put some bows, waist or earth. The body, like the spirit, must work hard in prayer. Dress yourself with the sign of the cross. When a person is baptized, God's power is present in him. Say in awe: “In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen". Wait a little longer and only then begin prayer.

Step 4

You can read a prayer by memory or from a prayer book - a special book for home prayers. It contains prayers written by the saints many centuries ago. They help the Christian to find the right spiritual attitude. The words of the prayer should be chanted aloud very slowly. It is not enough to understand the prayer, one must feel it. So that the heart responds to her like a tuning fork.

Step 5

Do not read the prayer without interruption. If some phrases especially touched the soul, interrupt the reading with bows. Realize the depths of feelings and thoughts that prayer opens to a believer. While reading the prayer, extraneous thoughts may appear, they must be mercilessly cut off. A short prayer "Lord, have mercy" will help to overcome absent-mindedness.

Step 6

Sometimes you want to turn to God in your own words. Remember to be honest in prayer. Sincerely pray to the Lord only for what the heart asks. You need to pray not only for yourself, but also for others: children, relatives, friends and even enemies. In your own prayer, ask, first of all, for cleansing from sins and passions, salvation from temptations. About the spiritual and the eternal, not the fleeting and material.

Step 7

After prayer, do not rush to start your usual activities and business. Think about how you should behave during the day: what to talk about, how to act. Ask God for strength to do his will.

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