Symbols Of The Ancient Greek Gods

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Symbols Of The Ancient Greek Gods
Symbols Of The Ancient Greek Gods

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As you know, Ancient Greece is considered the cradle of European culture. Indeed, the images of Greek mythology, symbols and attributes of the Olympic gods permeate the entire culture of mankind, being reflected in art, science and literature.

Symbols of the ancient Greek gods
Symbols of the ancient Greek gods

The gods of Ancient Greece were human-like and, moreover, endowed with human passions and weaknesses. Each of the gods had their own attributes that made them easily recognizable. Subsequently, these attributes became symbols of many modern arts and sciences.

Symbols of the Olympian gods

The head of the Greek Pantheon was the formidable Zeus the Thunderer. Its symbols are an eagle, a scepter and flashing arrows of lightning. The scepter and eagle remain symbols of power to this day. Zeus's brother Poseidon was the god of water, seas and oceans. Its symbols were a trident, a horse and a dolphin.

The jealous wife of Zeus, Hera, was considered the patroness of conjugal love and nursing mothers. Her favorite bird was the stork. Apparently, therefore, to this day it is believed that storks bring children.

The sacred bird of the goddess of wisdom Athena was an owl, which still symbolizes wisdom. The obligatory attributes of Apollo, the patron god of the arts, were a lyre and a laurel wreath. For many centuries, laurels crowned the winners of both military and peaceful, poetic battles. To this day, the lyre symbolizes service to art; it can often be seen on the emblems of creative universities. And Apollo himself has long become a symbol of male beauty and stature.

The shield and sword were indispensable attributes of the formidable god of war Ares. Subsequently, the shield and sword became a symbol of courage and courage. Ares' beloved was the beautiful goddess of love Aphrodite. Her symbols - a rose and a dove - are symbols of love to this day. And Aphrodite herself is a symbol of female beauty. Bow and arrows were attributes of the son of Aphrodite - the mischievous god of love Eros. The heart pierced by an arrow is the emblem of love now. However, Eros himself, better known by the Roman name Cupid, also symbolizes love.

Ancient Greek symbolism in modern life

Many not so significant Greek gods left their symbols to humanity, the meaning of which has not diminished over the centuries. For example, the sword and scales of the goddess of justice Themis became a symbol of judgment. The wheel of the goddess of happiness and good fortune is still considered a symbol of the inconstancy of fate. The snake that wrapped around the staff of the god of healing Asclepius migrated to the bowl, becoming the official symbol of medicine.

Another very significant symbol arose from the broken horn of the divine goat Amalfea, who fed Zeus himself with her milk. Zeus made him a cornucopia, and to this day he is a symbol of prosperity.

Thus, Greek mythology is still present in modern culture, filling it with its own symbolism.

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