Kira Alexandrovna Proshutinskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Kira Alexandrovna Proshutinskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Kira Alexandrovna Proshutinskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Proshutinskaya Kira is a TV presenter, author of television projects. She became the founder of the television company "Author's Television", where she was Ch. editor. Proshutinskaya Kira was also the head of the "New Studio" (Ostankino) and the television studio "Experiment" (VGTRK).

Proshutinskaya Kira
Proshutinskaya Kira

early years

Kira Proshutinskaya was born on September 15, 1973. Her hometown is Moscow. She studied at the same school that Alla Pugacheva attended. During the period of study, the grades were excellent, Proshutinskaya received a gold medal. During her school years, Kira was fond of choreography, music, figure skating.

Kira decided to become a journalist, entered the evening department at Moscow State University. In parallel, she worked at school, she had the post of secretary of the Komsomol committee. Later, Proshutinskaya moved to the full-time department of the university in another specialty (television). Kira's first practice turned out to be successful, in the 2nd year she was offered the position of the host of the program "Club of Seekers".


After graduating from the university, Proshutinskaya began to work at the Central Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (Youth Edition) as a correspondent, and after 4 years she was able to replace Ch. editor. Kira participated in the creation of popular programs ("Look", "Together", "Vremechko", "BOTH-ON"), came up with the program "Come on, girls", becoming its host. The program "Vremechko" lasted 15 years.

In 1988, in cooperation with Anatoly Malkin, Proshutinskaya created a television company called Author's Television (ATV), where programs such as "The People Want to Know", "Old Apartment", "Man and Woman", "In Search of the Lost", "We".

In 1994, Proshutinskaya was appointed editor, vice president of ATV, and she also continued her career at State Television. Kira Aleksandrovna became the creator of the Press Club program.

Proshutinskaya was appreciated at Ostankino, she served as artistic director, editor-in-chief, and held other positions. In 2002, Kira Aleksandrovna became the host of the program "People want to know" (TVC). In 2012, Proshutinskaya created the "Wife" program, where many famous personalities participated.

Personal life

The first marriage of Proshutinskaya was short-lived. She got married while a student at Moscow State University. However, Kira Alexandrovna managed to give birth to a son, Andrei.

The second time she married a diplomat. The stepfather was able to build a good relationship with Andrey. Later, Kira left the family for the sake of Anatoly Malkin. At that time he was married.

Kira and Anatoly were able to create a strong family, came up with many television projects. Together they were 30 years old, becoming not only spouses, but also like-minded people. In 2013, rumors appeared that the couple had secretly divorced, but Proshutinskaya did not comment on this information in any way.

Kira Aleksandrovna has a reputation as an excellent hostess. Many people note her hospitality, culinary talents. She likes to spend her free time in the country, is fond of reading. Her favorite books are detective stories, biographical portraits, and memoirs.

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