How To Determine The Value Of An Icon

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How To Determine The Value Of An Icon
How To Determine The Value Of An Icon

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The value of an icon depends on its age. In order to perfectly understand the peculiarities of antiquities, it is necessary to be well versed in painting and to know by heart the works of famous artists, and not only of modern times.

How to determine the value of an icon
How to determine the value of an icon


Step 1

Remember that not all painted icons are of value, especially if it is an icon of the 20th century. Icons from the Soviet era will be valuable after some time. But one rule for determining the value of an icon undoubtedly works - the older it is, the more value it is.

Step 2

Consider an icon - if it depicts a special religious event, and even the author is a famous icon painter, then the value also increases. The talented performance of the icon, the originality of the manner play an important role. Icons are highly valued in schools of writing (for example, Stroganov's writing is quite rare). The plot can be non-standard and with small pictures at the edges (with stamps).

Step 3

The artistic quality is of great importance, the denomination is official Orthodoxy or the Old Believers. Moreover, if the icon is painted by hand, and not in an industrial way, it always has a significant monetary value.

Step 4

Seek professional help. Experienced antique dealers determine the age of icons by the type of board on the reverse side, but not everyone is able to do this accurately. Most often, the assessment is based on color, quality of drawing, composition, freshness of an idea. If possible, consult with several specialist antique dealers. It is better if these people are museum workers with extensive experience.

Step 5

Do not try to determine the value of icons from photographs, because full information about its price is impossible to say. But do not ask for an assessment to people little-known to you and your friends or colleagues. You can be deceived, and you will sell the most valuable rarity for a pittance. Do not give the icon for restoration to little-known expert centers - you simply risk not getting your thing back in its original condition.

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