Casiraghi Charlotte: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Casiraghi Charlotte: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Casiraghi Charlotte: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Casiraghi Charlotte: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Casiraghi Charlotte: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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What is the life of a princess? Balls, receptions, walks? No, today's princesses are not like that - take, for example, Charlotte Casiraghi, princess of Monaco, a contender for the throne of this principality.

Casiraghi Charlotte: biography, career, personal life
Casiraghi Charlotte: biography, career, personal life

Charlotte was born in 1986 in La Colla, the son of a successful businessman Stefano Casiraghi and Princess Carolina of Monaco. In addition to Charlotte, the family already had older brothers - Pierre and Andrea. In 1990, the head of the family died, and Carolina was left in her arms with three children, heartbroken and besieged by the paparazzi. She was forced to take the children away from the journalists.

Carolina has always been a strict mother, and after the death of her husband, she was simply forced to bring up independence in children and taught to look for support in themselves. Perhaps that's why Charlotte became friends with animals, especially horses.

She was first in the saddle at the age of four, she really enjoyed riding, and since then she has not parted with horses.

After school, Charlotte received an education that corresponds to her position: she graduated from the French Lyceum Fenelon, and also received a bachelor's degree at the Sorbonne. In addition to a philosophical education, the princess received good language training: she speaks excellently in English, French and Italian. She also made a career in television and print media.

Princess benefactor

At the same time, Charlotte was professionally engaged in show jumping: she studied with the best coaches, worked hard, and participated in international competitions. Her selfless devotion to animals and hard work brought her many victories in various tournaments. But she not only achieves personal victories - the princess seriously thinks about ecology, about the preservation of the animal world on Earth. To cover these issues, she founded the self-funded magazine Above.

Charlotte Casiraghi has several charitable projects: in addition to the magazine, she participates in charity show jumping tournaments, and also takes part in foundations that search for young talents.

And, like in a fairy tale, the beautiful princess made it onto the pages of magazines: she became the beauty ambassador of the Gucci fashion house.

Personal life

The ideal woman for Charlotte has always been her aunt Stephanie. She was always free from the inside, the same little princess dreamed of being. The symbol of freedom for her was the first gift from Aunt Stephanie - her first horse that could take her anywhere.

However, for people associated with royal families, most of all the lack of freedom is in personal relationships: etiquette does not allow meeting people outside of their circle. In this sense, Charlotte followed the advice of her wise aunt.

Her first choice was Alex Dellal, the owner of an art gallery in London. They stayed together for four years.

Charlotte had a serious relationship with the French actor Gad Elmaleh. They met in 2011, and on the basis of the "horse theme". Until now, journalists gossip about whether the actor used the princess's love for horses to get into the royal family? One way or another, Charlotte and Gad had a son, Raphael, in 2013, but they broke up in 2015.

Two years later, Charlotte was seen together with Dmitry Rassam, the son of the famous actress Carole Bouquet. But this is probably a fairy tale about the future of Princess Casiraghi.