How To Get To Serve In The Marines

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How To Get To Serve In The Marines
How To Get To Serve In The Marines

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One of the oldest branches of the Navy is the Marine Corps. The range of application of the marines is diverse: from participation in amphibious operations to the protection of important coastal facilities. Amphibious tanks, armored personnel carriers, powerful artillery, all this is the arsenal of the modern marines. Many young people consider it lucky to get to serve in the ranks of the black berets. However, at the recruiting offices of military commissariats, fierce competition reigns for the right to try on a vest with black stripes.

How to get to serve in the Marines
How to get to serve in the Marines


Step 1

You need to prepare for service in the Armed Forces long before you are even called to the pre-conscription commission. If you dream of getting into the ranks of the Marines, it will be better if you start preparing yourself for service in advance. In fact, the selection for black berets is very strict. First of all, start with the most important thing - the medical commission. In the military commissariat at your place of residence, find out the criteria for the medical selection of conscripts for this elite branch of the military.

Step 2

Go through a medical examination for military fitness.

Step 3

After receiving the conclusion of the doctors in the form A-1 or A-2, write a report to the name of the military commissioner with a request to call you into the Navy, where indicate that you want to serve in the Marine Corps. In the report, indicate the motives of your desire, as well as the qualities that you personally possess. Sports categories, a driver's or other professional license will make it easier for you to fulfill your dream. Skydiving, scuba diving will increase your chances of getting into the special forces of the Marine Corps. From now on, your report-statement will be your business card in the personal file of the conscript.

Step 4

Attending in person at the credentials committee, declare once again your desire to serve in the Marine Corps.

Step 5

Having received a summons to the army, arrive at the recruiting office of the military commissariat. So, you were sent to the navy. Show ingenuity, perseverance in the selection at the recruiting station, in the matter of determining the place (geographical location of the Marine Corps units) of the service.

Step 6

Get in personal contact with the officers of the fleet who have arrived for the conscripts. State the essence of your desire to serve in the Marine Corps. In the conversation, list your sports results and achievements, profession, if any. But the most important thing is to try to convince you of the sincerity of your desire.

Step 7

When selecting for a specific unit, show diligence and diligence in passing physical and psychological tests.

Step 8

But remember that the service is just beginning at the recruiting station, and the right to serve in the elite troops will have to be proved upon arrival at the place of service. Strictly follow all commands of the military personnel accompanying you.

Step 9

The Marine Corps is not an easy service, with a bit of romance. But despite the hardships and hardships, the people who served in it feel pride for life.

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