Why Natasha Rostova Cheated On Andrei Bolkonsky

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Why Natasha Rostova Cheated On Andrei Bolkonsky
Why Natasha Rostova Cheated On Andrei Bolkonsky

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Gentle, poetic Natasha Rostova is the ideal of a woman, as Leo Tolstoy sees him. In the epic novel War and Peace, he leads Natasha step by step from a thirteen-year-old girl to a mother of four children. How did it happen that Natasha stumbled on this path, betrayed her beloved fiancé Andrei Bolkonsky and threw herself into the arms of Anatol Kuragin's socialite?

Why Natasha Rostova cheated on Andrei Bolkonsky
Why Natasha Rostova cheated on Andrei Bolkonsky

The first love

Love for Prince Andrey is the first deep feeling that Natasha is destined to experience in her life. An adorable young girl in anticipation of love and a smart adult who survived an unsuccessful marriage - they could not pass by each other. Prince Andrew sees a sincere, sensitive, life-loving nature and is drawn to her. Natasha meets the handsome prince at the ball and realizes that his happiness depends on her.

But the pink veil of dreams suddenly dissipates. The old prince Bolkonsky, not approving of the choice of his son, sets him a condition - to postpone the wedding for a year, to spend this time in military service.

Why a year?

For Prince Andrey, this year is an annoying obstacle on the path to happiness. He is a balanced person who carries love in his heart and does not want to upset his old father. But Natasha perceives the separation and the postponement of the wedding as a tragedy. She asks Andrey not to leave, as if she understands that this will not lead to anything good.

For Natasha, with her indomitable thirst for life, a year seems like an eternity. She wants to love today, now, not later. By the end of the year, there remains more confidence in love than love itself. She wants admiration and admiration, she wants to be needed by someone.

Fatal meeting

In this state, Natasha meets Anatol Kuragin in the theater. An empty poser, fanfare, he is handsome and knows how to charm women. Natasha is so fresh, sweet and not like the bored ladies of the world that he decides to "drag along after her." He immediately launches an attack, and his sister Helen Bezukhova, a man of the same kind, helps him.

Naive Natasha cannot assume that she has become the object of an empty affair. She had never been deceived before. She believes Anatole's exaggerated feelings. Even the strange behavior of a fan does not bother her - Kuragin cannot go to the Rostovs' house and ask for Natasha's hand, because he is secretly married to a Polish noblewoman.

“Since yesterday, my fate has been decided: to be loved by you or to die” - this is how the message from Anatole began, which was actually written by his friend.

In these circumstances, Natasha can no longer be the bride of Prince Andrew. She writes a letter of refusal to Bolkonsky and is going to flee with Anatole.

Who is to blame?

Fortunately for Natasha, the kidnapping will not take place. She is locked in a room, Kuragin leaves with nothing. Only the news that Anatole is married opens Natasha's eyes to his meanness.

Natasha tried to poison herself with arsenic, and, despite the fact that she was rescued, she was ill for a long time.

The offended prince Andrey blames the bride for treason. However, the sad result of this life situation is the work of the hands of the calm Prince Andrei, the impetuous, trusting Natasha, and the stupid selfish Anatole. They all acted according to their characters and could not do otherwise.

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