What Were The Pioneer Slogans, Chants, Mottos

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What Were The Pioneer Slogans, Chants, Mottos
What Were The Pioneer Slogans, Chants, Mottos

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The pioneer organization had a rigid structure. The "primary organization" was the link, the links were united into detachments, the detachments - into squads. Each division had to have a name and motto.

After the motto, the pioneers saluted
After the motto, the pioneers saluted

Pioneer mottos

The motto had to fit the meaning of the name of the detachment or squad. Very often pioneer associations were named after the heroes of the Civil or the Great Patriotic War, famous military units, workers-Stakhanovites, cosmonauts, scientists. The name was not assigned immediately, at first the detachment had to fight for it, and this took some time. Therefore, in the pioneer camps there were other names, most often stars or flowers. But there were Romantics and Yoongi, and much more. Most often, a phrase from a literary work or film was chosen as a motto. Popular pioneer mottos;

- "A flame will ignite from a spark";

- "Fight and seek, find and not give up";

- "Eagles learn to fly";

- "And apple trees will bloom on Mars";

- "Always forward, not a step back";

- "Shine always, shine everywhere, shine - and no nails";

- “Space is our future”.

The most important motto was: “Pioneers! Get ready to fight for the cause of the Communist Party! " To this, each pioneer had to give a salute and answer "Always ready!" The motto was placed in the corner of the detachment, next to other pioneer symbols. At the lines and training camps, it was pronounced in chorus right after the name.

The motto was chosen at a general meeting of the detachment or squad.

Pioneer slogans

The pioneer slogans were a set of rules that every pioneer had to follow. These phrases were written on posters, and in order for the children to remember them better, they also wrote on notebooks in a line, on the back page of the cover. Sometimes they printed the “Solemn Promise,” a vow that every child swore when they tied a red tie. Such slogans were popular as:

- "Pioneer - an example for all the guys";

- “The pioneer grows bold and is not afraid of difficulties”;

- "The pioneer is telling the truth, he values ​​the honor of his squadron":

- “The pioneer is friends with children of all countries of the world”;

- "We, the pioneers of the Soviet country, will be faithful to the glorious tradition."

The slogan had to be short, understandable and memorable.


Chants were spoken during the campaigns and at the parades of the formation and songs. They helped to keep pace and keep to a certain rhythm. They were usually invented by the participants themselves. However, they were remembered very easily, so that the pioneer, upon returning from the camp, could well learn the language he liked with his school detachment. Usually the one who had the most sonorous voice began to pronounce it, then the whole detachment responded. "Solo" and "chorus" alternated. It looked something like this:

- One, two!

- Three four!

- Three four!

- One, two!

- Who is marching together in a row?

- Our pioneer squad!

We are great guys

Leninist pioneers!

The overwhelming majority of chants began precisely with counting to set the marching rhythm. At the review of the formation and song, after the speech, the song usually followed. Almost always the lead singer and soloist in the speech was the same owner of a sonorous voice.

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