How To Punish Criminals

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How To Punish Criminals
How To Punish Criminals

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A person's opinion on how to punish criminals often depends on which side of the grill he is at the moment when he has to think about it. Disputes about the severity of punishment measures do not stop and will remain relevant for a long time. It is very important that discussions on this topic continue, since the fate of people depends on the decisions taken.

How to punish criminals
How to punish criminals


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Hooliganism How to punish those who, due to lack of intelligence and education, violate peace and order in the country, city, society? It is unlikely that someone will be able to answer unequivocally, but most people will agree that one should not be imprisoned for hooliganism. Hooligans can be fined. A fine is one of the most harmless punishments in existence. The amount of the fine must be determined by the court. It is necessary to take into account the severity of the crime and the property situation of the offender and his family. If the amount of the fine exceeds the amount that the convicted person is able to pay, he must be given the opportunity to pay the fine in installments. Another punishment that can be applied to hooligans is compulsory or correctional labor. Many will agree that bullies should first be forced to fix what they have messed up, if possible, and then work for a certain period of time for the good of society. At the same time, society itself should not forget that it was it who raised such disobedient citizens, and should take part in their re-education.

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Corruption Under the law, corrupt officials are punishable by fines, prohibitions to hold certain positions, or imprisonment. The opinion of many boils down to the fact that the fine is too little, and the imprisonment is too much. Penalties against corrupt officials should be mandatory, regardless of whether they go to jail or not. At the same time, all property acquired with the funds earned in this way should be confiscated from the corrupt official and his family. Of course, first this must be proved. The convicted corrupt official must be resolved of all regalia, privileges and positions. He should not have the right to hold any significant office. Public condemnation will not hurt either. All these measures should be applied in combination, so that a person committing such a crime understands that he can lose everything, including freedom, and leave his children “on the beans.” Bribing a teacher or doctor is also corruption, but it is hardly applicable here confiscation of property. However, the amount of the fine should become very substantial so that it could discourage people from taking and giving.

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Theft Theft of property should be a criminal offense. A person who has taken something that does not belong to him must serve the due term. The controversial issue is about thefts carried out by children. Here the task of society is not so much to punish as to create conditions for the child in which he can change for the better - and this does not have to be a juvenile colony.

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Murder: Murderers must go to jail. But murders are deliberate and unintentional (through negligence). If it is proved that the murder was unintentional, then the term can be minimal or conditional.

Step 5

Rapists and pedophiles These sick people can be tried to forcefully treat, try to make them safe for society, but in most cases it all ends with a relapse. The best way to protect society from rapists and pedophiles is to isolate these criminals from society for life. Such people should not have a second chance.

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