How To Learn To Joke Funny

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How To Learn To Joke Funny
How To Learn To Joke Funny

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The main difference between humans and animals is the ability to joke, that is, to have a sense of humor. A joke is a person's ability to make others smile and laugh. Not all people are naturally witty, you need to learn this.

How to learn to joke funny
How to learn to joke funny

It is necessary

Wit, the ability to joke


Step 1

Learn to laugh beautifully. If you are a girl, then your laugh should resemble the murmur of a stream, and not the roar of a dump truck. Exercise. Laugh with everyone.

Step 2

Gather in funny and big companies, poison jokes. Don't miss this opportunity.

Step 3

Identify for yourself those areas in which you could really "turn around" with your sharp humor. For example, if you are not interested in politics, then it is better not to amuse your friends on this topic - your sharp mind will not be appreciated. It will seem insincere and therefore not very witty.

Step 4

Come up with witty answers to trivial questions. You can become a person with a good sense of humor without any jokes at all. Come up with a couple of phrases or phrases for different occasions. For example, to the question "how are you doing?" you can say "everything is fine", or you can answer "until she gave birth" or "the prosecutor has business, but I have business."

Step 5

Don't be offended if your friends don't take your jokes. There is an incentive for improvement. Even if acquaintances say that laughing at you is funnier than at your jokes. Build your joke in such a way that the final part contradicts the opening one, it actually reinforces it. For example, “The commandant is sitting at the entrance. He demands a pass from those who enter, but if he is not given a pass, then he will let him in like that. " This is one of the tricks of the wit - false opposition.

Step 6

Use the technique of bringing to the point of absurdity and the wit of absurdity. These techniques are embedded in the situation itself, which is contrary to common sense. Professional comedians use a variety of wit styles.

Step 7

Don't joke about a topic that was discussed about three hours ago. Make sure to be heard in the company. If you are not understood or heard, never repeat or explain a joke. It still won't help. The joke should be at the right time and place.

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