How To Wear A Watch According To Etiquette

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How To Wear A Watch According To Etiquette
How To Wear A Watch According To Etiquette

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Wristwatches firmly entered the everyday life of mankind not so long ago, at the beginning of the 20th century. This was facilitated by the military, who found it inconvenient to use pocket watches in hostilities. Perhaps that is why there is no mandatory watch etiquette. But certain requirements for watches, the manner of their use and combination with a wardrobe still exist.

How to wear a watch according to etiquette
How to wear a watch according to etiquette


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In the modern world, watches are gradually losing their main purpose - to tell the time to their owner, and are increasingly used as a wardrobe detail that emphasizes the solid status of their owner or informs us about the open nature of a person or his sports aspirations, etc. Therefore, every watch should be combined with the style of clothing of its owner and the event at which he is present. So, you should not wear a watch of a bright, "loud" design that does not fit the business style at a business meeting. And for an informal meeting of friends, a watch of an official style will not work. It is inappropriate to use chimes, music, etc. in an official setting. If you don’t have a watch that fits the occasion, it’s better not to wear a watch at all.

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You should not look at the clock during a conversation, so as not to offend the interlocutor. It is also incorrectly accepting guests to look at the clock often with emphasis, hinting that you are waiting for the guests to go home. In the business environment, there is an unspoken rule that the cost of a watch should be equal to the two months' salary of its owner. The watch should be changed every 5 years. Those who wear them all the time should ideally have: a dress watch is a round, with a white dial, without additional accessories, a watch with a leather strap. Sports watches - in a powerful waterproof case, with a reliable strap. Casual watches are simpler and cheaper than dress watches, not as reliable as sports watches. But quite elegant for all occasions. Executive watch. This is heavy sentry artillery. They are used in cases when it is necessary to impress or at especially solemn and important events. Must be expensive, prestigious brands. When buying such a watch, make sure that you buy what you want and not a banal fake.

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The watch can be left hand. This is usually done on the left, where it is easier to use the winding mechanism, and the left hand is less involved, which helps to protect the product from damage. Any watch is matched to the size of the wrist. Their body should not be wider than the wrist. A massive watch looks bad on a thin hand, and a small watch does not look on a large one. The watch should always fit your wrist precisely, blending in with you. Only in this way will they create a single image - harmonious and unique.

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