Tkachev Andrey Yurievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Tkachev Andrey Yurievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Tkachev Andrey Yurievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Archpriest Andrei Tkachev is an ambiguous person in the Orthodox religious world. He is sometimes rude, preaches Vedic culture, but at the same time remains a primordially Russian man. Andrey Tkachev has many followers, but he also has enough ill-wishers.

Tkachev Andrey Yurievich: biography, career, personal life
Tkachev Andrey Yurievich: biography, career, personal life

Childhood and family

Future Archpriest Andrei Tkachev was born in 1969 in Lvov. Nothing is known about his parents, but there is evidence that one of the family's friends had a huge impact on the formation of the personality of the future clergyman. Andrei became interested in church music during his adolescence, and subsequently came to Christianity.


With the education of the future archpriest, it categorically did not work out. During his school years, Andryusha had an explosive disposition, so his parents decided to send their offspring to the Suvorov School. But soon Tkachev was expelled from the educational institution due to a chronic unwillingness to study.

For a new turn in life, the army was waiting for the young man. The young man liked to serve, in the army Andrei joined the Vedic culture, and he began to apply this knowledge later in his sermons.

Feeling the urge to bring his knowledge to the world, Andrey entered the Kiev Theological Seminary after the army. But from there, too, he was soon expelled for absenteeism. Study was clearly not given to the young man, and later he called himself a self-taught priest.


Nevertheless, Tkachev led a rich life. He was invited to preach in various Ukrainian churches and on television. Andrey Tkachev is also the author of several books.

Despite the lack of spiritual, and indeed any, education, in 1993 Tkachev was ordained a priest. Andrey Yurievich also taught the law of God in several schools in Ukraine.

When difficult times came for Ukraine, the archpriest left his homeland and moved to the Russian capital. After changing several churches, Andrei Tkachev stopped at the Cathedral of Basil the Great in the Moscow region, where the priest works to this day.

Andrey Tkachev is also famous for his missionary work. He is a regular on the Spas TV channel, where he has an army of admirers. However, the archpriest's opponents are also on the alert, accusing him of pride and charm.

But Andrei Tkachev's authority among Orthodox Christians is undoubtedly great. The priest is attentively listened to, he is quoted, his statements cause heated debate. The archpriest has a pronounced gift of eloquence and is able to influence the minds and souls of people. Whether this influence is good is still a mystery.

Personal life

Little is known about the family of Andrei Tkachev. The archpriest does not want to share with the press such intimate details of his life. There is only information that the priest is married and has four children.

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