Is It Possible To Go To The Cemetery On Krasnaya Gorka? What Should Be Done And How?

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Is It Possible To Go To The Cemetery On Krasnaya Gorka? What Should Be Done And How?
Is It Possible To Go To The Cemetery On Krasnaya Gorka? What Should Be Done And How?

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You can go to the cemetery on Krasnaya Gorka, but there are some rules that must be followed. They concern both commemoration and actions in the cemetery. It is best to leave the hike to Radonitsa.

Is it possible to go to the cemetery on Krasnaya Gorka? What should be done and how?
Is it possible to go to the cemetery on Krasnaya Gorka? What should be done and how?

The close interweaving of pagan and Orthodox rituals is reflected in the national holiday Krasnaya Gorka. It symbolizes the victory over winter and the arrival of spring. Previously, it was believed that nature is already at the mercy of bright flowering. This event was always celebrated a week after Easter. It also has other names: Fomino Sunday or Antipaskha.

The ancient Slavs still began to celebrate it. They were in a hurry to pay tribute to the sun, so ritual games were arranged on the hills - songs sounded, funerals sounded in memory of the dead. Therefore, the custom of visiting a cemetery on a holiday and preserving delicacies at the tombstones has been preserved to this day.

Visit to the cemetery for a celebration according to church canons

Usually on this day, believers rush to the church for a festive service, and then go home or visit. For this holiday, the hostesses carefully cleaned their dwellings to shine, laid rich tables. Young girls put on the best outfits, ran for walks, and spent the day having fun. Therefore, no one rushes to Krasnaya Gorka at the cemetery. For this, two days later, Radonitsa begins, which is popularly called "Easter of the Dead".

On Krasnaya Gorka, in all the churches of the country, Sunday liturgies are held in honor of the resurrection. However, the church has never interfered with the desire of people to visit the tomb. If such a need arises, then you can visit the cemetery for a holiday, but this should be done without noisy company and setting the table.

What shouldn't you do?

When visiting the cemetery, you cannot:

  • leave the treat, since this custom came from the pagans;
  • arrange a feast next to the grave;
  • pouring alcohol on the grave or drinking it.

It is also forbidden to clean up graves. It is believed that any actions with the land are generally prohibited. If you plant a tree or bush, then there will be no fruit. Does not approve of the church and the decoration of graves.

The main ban on visiting the cemetery falls on Easter. It is believed that on this day the souls of the deceased descend to their loved ones and rejoice at the holiday. When visiting burial places, a person says goodbye to the deceased. In addition, sad and woeful thoughts appear, which are not allowed on this day.

It is also impossible to quarrel, swear and fight on a holiday. The people who got into the conflict will swear with everyone throughout the year.

What can you do?

If there is a desire to remember, it is better to set the table at home, to sit with your loved ones. The commemoration should be held without alcohol, since alcohol is prohibited on Krasnaya Gorka. On this day, it is allowed to pray for the deceased, and then go home.

During the whole Easter week, the doors to the houses are not locked so that souls can safely go home. Signs include:

  • hanging towels from the windows;
  • you cannot sew, because "you will sew the eyes of the deceased";
  • you can take a break from washing - otherwise muddy the water in front of the deceased.
  • it is worth having fun on this day, if you cry and lament, then souls will not be able to rejoice.

You can bring kutya to the cemetery for commemoration. You can take nothing else with you.

Correct commemoration of the departed

Start by visiting the temple. Pray for the soul of the deceased, light a candle for the peace of his soul. Then you should go to the grave. Don't take artificial flowers with you. This is considered a sin. It is best to plant fresh flowers, but it is still recommended to do it before the holiday.

Take a candle with you, light it near the grave. You can build an impromptu icon lamp from a jar. Put a candle in it or pour oil into it, arrange a wick. How long it will burn does not matter.It is not forbidden to invite a priest to grant forgiveness to a departed soul. If possible, distribute alms to those in need who gather near cemeteries and temples. Better on this day "not to feed the dead, but to feed the hungry." The process of remembrance in the church comes to the end for the evening prayer to God.

In conclusion, we note that all deeds that are committed on Krasnaya Gorka must be with pious intentions. Prepare for the event in advance. You can, for example, learn prayers. They should be addressed not only to God, but also to deceased relatives. According to legends, they can ask in the next world for their loved ones and relatives.

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