How To Organize An Exhibition For An Artist

How To Organize An Exhibition For An Artist
How To Organize An Exhibition For An Artist

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An artist's exhibition is an opportunity to show his new works, find new admirers and connoisseurs, as well as potential buyers of his works. To hold an exhibition, many organizational issues will have to be resolved, from which people of art are far from, so like-minded people, close people or friends should do this.

How to organize an exhibition for an artist
How to organize an exhibition for an artist

It is necessary

  • - written notification to the administration;
  • - permission;
  • - rental of premises;
  • - exhibition stands.


Step 1

If an aspiring artist is a member of a regional union of artists, the administration of the union will take care of the organization of the exhibition. Young talents exhibit their works at a general exhibition, to which sponsors are attracted.

Step 2

The administration of the Union of Artists rents the exhibition hall where the event is held for 1-2 months, notifies the district administration in writing and receives permission to hold the exhibition.

Step 3

At the exhibition, you can not only get acquainted with the works, but also, if you wish, buy them, since all exhibits are sold at a negotiated price.

Step 4

It is much more difficult to hold an individual exhibition. You will have to take upon yourself not only organizational issues, but also have a sufficient amount of funds for renting premises, buying or renting exhibition stands where you will place all your works, as well as conduct an extensive advertising campaign in order to see the maximum number of visitors to the exhibits. …

Step 5

All costs can be borne by sponsors, whose advertising will accompany your exhibition. You can also attract food service outlets who will sell their products at the buffet.

Step 6

Rent a spacious room. The most successful exhibition is in the center of a city or village, because few people want to go to the outskirts to get acquainted with the works of an unknown artist.

Step 7

Invite the media to attend the opening of the exhibit for a short filming followed by local news coverage. This will be the most successful advertisement for an aspiring artist.

Step 8

As the artist becomes popular in art connoisseurship circles, you won't have to think about how to hold an exhibition. Sponsors will make offers, and you will decide whether to agree to hold an exhibition or refuse.

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