How To Find A Lost Girl

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How To Find A Lost Girl
How To Find A Lost Girl

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Unfortunately, no one is safe from the fact that a loved one may suddenly disappear - just not return from work, from school or from an institute. Such danger often lies in wait for girls, because they are more defenseless. If this happens in your family, then you should act immediately, as soon as all the deadlines for the usual delay have passed.

How to find a lost girl
How to find a lost girl


Step 1

If you start to worry, then in order to find the lost girl, first of all call her friends and acquaintances with whom she may have met on the day she disappeared. Call the police and medical institutions, an ambulance station, find out if they have information about this person.

Step 2

Those living in Moscow and the Moscow Region can contact the Accident Registration Bureau, which operates under the auspices of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, by calling (495) 688-22-52. It receives data on all incidents and accidents that have occurred on the territory of the city, persons detained by the police and admitted to medical institutions who could not provide information about themselves.

Step 3

In the event that it was not possible to find out anything, contact the law enforcement agencies - the sooner they begin to act, the more likely it is to find the missing. If you have a reasonable suspicion of loss, call 02 and ask the officer on duty which Department of Internal Affairs should be contacted. In accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On the Police", you cannot be denied an application, regardless of how long the person is absent.

Step 4

Prepare the documents required for the application: your passport, documents of the missing girl, her last photograph, medical record or statement of chronic diseases, X-rays, if any.

Step 5

In the application, indicate the details of the missing person, her special distinctive external signs, medical data. Also describe the clothes the missing girl was wearing, the jewelry she was wearing. List the acquaintances with whom she communicated recently, as well as existing enemies and ill-wishers.

Step 6

Receive a notification slip from the ATS, confirming that the application was accepted and registered properly. In the event that you are confident that the girl has become a victim of a crime, contact the prosecutor's office with a statement to initiate a criminal case.

Step 7

Take the extra steps - post missing person announcements with her features and photograph on the streets and on the Internet. On the Internet, the Central Internal Affairs Directorate for Moscow posts photographs of unidentified bodies and information about the missing, view it. Submit your information to the media and convey a photo and description of the girl. Monitor the progress of the search by calling the investigator assigned to your case. These measures will help you find your lost girlfriend as quickly as possible.

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