How To Kiss The Relics

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How To Kiss The Relics
How To Kiss The Relics

Video: How To Kiss The Relics

Video: How To Kiss The Relics
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For various reasons, people turn to holy relics. Someone is looking for a miracle, hoping for help or healing. Some are attracted by ordinary interest. Someone is in awe of a piece of ancient history. However, regardless of the goals pursued, certain rules must be followed in addressing the shrine.

How to kiss the relics
How to kiss the relics


Step 1

Approaching the holy relics, you must bow twice. If there is no queue for you, you can bow to the ground, but in no case do not delay other people.

Step 2

Women should not have any makeup on.

Step 3

Of course, clothes should be modest.

Step 4

Haste and haste are unacceptable. Whoever approaches the shrine with reverence receives the grace of God, so say the ministers of the church.

Step 5

After bowing, you need to cross yourself, then you can touch the cancer. In no case should you independently apply icons or images of a saint to the relics, all this must be passed on to the ministers of the temple.

Step 6

If permitted, you can kiss the hand or feet of the saint. Applying to the face is considered insolence.

Step 7

After that, be sure to read the prayer and mentally turn to the saint. Tell us about your misfortune, ask for advice, because applying to a shrine is another way to turn to God, to offer him your reverence.

Step 8

After applying, you need to cross yourself, bow and leave without haste and fuss.

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