The Best Sex Reassignment Movies

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The Best Sex Reassignment Movies
The Best Sex Reassignment Movies

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Changing your gender takes good reason. How difficult it is for a person to live outside his own body. To change the sex, originally determined by nature for a person, even if only externally, is a responsible and difficult step that will entail many unpredictable consequences. Sex reassignment films can be tragic and comical. Here is a list of the top five films in this category.

The best sex reassignment movies
The best sex reassignment movies


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"The Skin I Live In" (2011). A dramatic thriller directed by renowned Spanish independent filmmaker Pedro Almadovar based on the novel Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet. The genius of plastic surgery is hunting a criminal who raped his daughter many years ago. He chose a very sophisticated method of revenge, and terrible retribution awaits the rapist. This is an unusual, but very interesting film, the denouement of which is simply amazing.

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Tomboy (2011). French drama that tells the story of a girl named Laura who moves to a new home with her parents. In a new place, Laura begins to pose as a boy, to all her new acquaintances she introduces herself as the male name Miguel, invents a life story for herself, makes a short haircut. In the end, a contemporary Lisa falls in love with "Miguel", and for the first time in their lives they kiss like an adult. The story told in this film very vividly describes the child's experiences, his desire to understand himself who she really is: a boy or a girl. Tearaway has won numerous awards at international film festivals.

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Ed Wood (1994). American biographical drama, directed by the famous director Tim Burton, based on the book "A Nightmare of Ecstasy" by Rudolph Gray. The film tells the story of the life of the most controversial personality in the history of Hollywood - Ed Wood, who was recognized as the worst director in the history of American cinema. This film undoubtedly deserves attention. It was filmed in an unusual, bright and very high quality.

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The Mysterious Albert Nobbs (2011). A wonderful drama where the talented Glenn Close played the main role. In this film, her rare acting talent is revealed from a new side. She just did a wonderful job of playing Albert Nobbs - a waiter in a small hotel. For more than thirty years, everyone thinks that Albert is a man who leads a secluded life, and spends all evenings in his closet, endlessly counting his savings. The film turned out to be boring and unusually philosophical. After watching it, there is something to think about.

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"There are only girls in jazz" (1959). A beautiful and light comedy. Musicians Jerry and Joe become casual witnesses of a gangster showdown. To avoid certain death, they try to hide in Florida, pretending to be women. They are now Daphne and Josephine. There are a lot of funny episodes in this film. It can be watched many times and never gets boring. A true classic of Hollywood cinema.

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