Gigi Hadid: Height, Weight, Biography, Personal Life

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Gigi Hadid: Height, Weight, Biography, Personal Life
Gigi Hadid: Height, Weight, Biography, Personal Life

Video: Gigi Hadid: Height, Weight, Biography, Personal Life

Video: Gigi Hadid: Height, Weight, Biography, Personal Life
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Gigi Hadid is a famous American model who participates in advertising for many global brands, including Tom Ford and Pirelli. What is interesting about the girl's biography and personal life?

Gigi Hadid: height, weight, biography, personal life
Gigi Hadid: height, weight, biography, personal life

Biography of Gigi Hadid

The future star of the catwalks was born on April 23, 1995 in Los Angeles in an international family. The girl's mother is Dutch, and her father is Palestinian. Gigi has a brother and sister who also work as models.

From childhood, Gigi liked the boys very much, and many peers followed her. At the age of two, the girl had her first photo shoot for a well-known brand of children's clothing. And she advertised it right up to entering school. In this educational institution, Gigi attends the volleyball section and seriously thinks about a sports career.

But love for the catwalk and camera flashes prevailed over everything else. At the age of 14, Gigi again begins cooperation with the Guess brand. From this moment on, the matured model begins to be invited to various fashion shows. So she participates for the first time at New York Fashion Week, and also starred for the cover of her first glossy magazine.

Next, Gigi begins a collaboration with Tom Ford. She advertises the glasses of this brand, as well as a line of perfumes. The next year, Hadid appears at the shows of such famous fashion houses as Chanel, Michael Kors and so on. And at the end of 2015, she first appears in the image of an angel on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The next year becomes even more fruitful for the model, and she manages to appear at almost all secular fashion shows. And according to the results of the entire season, she is recognized as the model of the year according to the British Fashion Association.

The girl constantly participates in photo shoots and appears on the covers of glossy magazines around the world. So her photographs adorn the front page of Vogue magazine in Germany, Denmark, USA, Italy, Japan and so on.

Gigi begins cooperation with the global brand Tommy Hilfiger and is the ambassador of this brand. Her fees are growing every year.

Recently, Gigi has been paying more and more attention to creating his own clothing line, which he successfully advertises all over the world. In addition, she participates in fashion shows of world brands and travels a lot.

Personal life of the model

A very beautiful girl has always attracted the attention of the opposite sex. Therefore, she has a lot of fans among the male population of our planet. But Gigi does not succeed in taking up his personal life. However, at the age of 18, she began dating musician Cody Simpson. Their relationship lasted less than two years.

Then the model fell in love with another musician Zane Malik, whom she still meets. The couple no longer hide their feelings and jointly attend various social events. In addition, Zane and Gigi star in commercials together, and also release music videos.

External model data

For all her beauty, Gigi looks chubby enough for a model. This is confirmed by her external data. With a height of 179 cm, the girl weighs 57 kg. Her appearance often affects the model's contracts. Many brands find Gigi not very attractive and do not collaborate with her.

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