How To Send Cargo To Kazakhstan

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How To Send Cargo To Kazakhstan
How To Send Cargo To Kazakhstan

Video: How To Send Cargo To Kazakhstan

Video: How To Send Cargo To Kazakhstan
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In accordance with the concluded agreements on the Customs Union, the shipment of goods from Russia to Kazakhstan is carried out according to a simplified scheme. However, regardless of which method of transportation you have chosen, you will have to correctly draw up all the documents for the cargo.

How to send cargo to Kazakhstan
How to send cargo to Kazakhstan


Step 1

Sign an international contract with a business partner from Kazakhstan. It4 must indicate all the terms of the transaction, including the names of goods, their cost, volumes and delivery times. Without this document, the transportation of goods across the border is prohibited.

Step 2

If you decide to transport the cargo by air or rail, fill out an application and submit it to the employees of the carrier company so that they include it in the transportation plan. Indicate the type of cargo (in accordance with the nomenclature of goods), conditions of its transportation and storage, destination, estimated delivery times. If your application has been approved, you will be able to contract with the carrier.

Step 3

If you plan to send the goods by road, you must first conclude an agreement with the company that carries out the transportation, and only then apply for delivery. In addition, you will also need to issue a power of attorney for the driver of the vehicle.

Step 4

Fill out the statistical form required to control the movement of goods within the borders of the Customs Union. Download the form at or get it from the customs office. This document must be drawn up no later than 15 days before the shipment of the goods.

Step 5

Prepare a bill of lading in 3 copies. Indicate the name of your organization and the name of the carrier company, type of cargo, its value, date of departure (flight number), type of container, number of seats. If you are sending the goods by road, please indicate the full name of the driver.

Step 6

The consignment note must also contain information about the consignee and the conditions of shipment. Attach to the waybill a list of cargo documents that you will have to give to the carrier (including certified copies of passports and certificates for the goods). Prepare an invoice by contacting the tax authorities and pay VAT on the value of the shipment.

Step 7

Notify the recipient about the time of arrival of the goods and the conditions of its shipment. Hand over all documents to the shipping company. If you yourself are going to accompany the cargo, agree on this with the employees of the transport company even during the conclusion of the delivery contract.