Is It Possible To Work For Pokrov In The Country

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Is It Possible To Work For Pokrov In The Country
Is It Possible To Work For Pokrov In The Country

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The Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos is a significant church holiday celebrated by Christians on October 14. This day has its own age-old traditions, observed by many believers around the world. It must be conducted so as not to incur the wrath of the holy novices. And to carry out any excavation work at the dacha on the eve of the Intercession is not at all pleasing.

Autumn in the country
Autumn in the country

The Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos is an important holiday revered by the Russian Orthodox Church. It has a rich history, many traditions and rituals, rooted in antiquity. It is believed that many centuries ago, during the attack of Muslims on Constantinople, the defenders praying at night saw the Mother of God descending from heaven together with two John - the Theologian and the Baptist. The Mother of God, according to legend, covered all the parishioners who prayed in the dark with her omophorion removed from her head. And in the morning it became known that the enemy had retreated from the walls. From that moment on, a tradition arose to pray for protection from all kinds of troubles to the Virgin Mary.

Traditions of the Cover

In 2018 and 2019, as always, the Pokrov will fall on October 14th. A solemn liturgy for believers will be held in all churches in Russia. Christians will have to spend the morning in prayer and reading "Our Father", and in the evening, modest family gatherings with a small feast are allowed.

The ancient traditions of the Intercession are associated with the weather that is happening outside the window in mid-October. Until that time, it was necessary to have time to fix the roofs, barns, caulk the logs in the hut, fix the fence, hedge. It was until October 14 that all gardening work, accompanied by harvesting, ended in the countryside and in the countryside.

Here are the most common traditions for the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

  • In the morning, the owners burned a log of fruit and berry trees in the oven: rowan, apple, cherry.
  • Animals from the fields were herded into the barns until spring.
  • In the morning the girls in the church put a candle next to the icons, asking the higher powers for an enviable groom, lured the betrothed with a loaf, leaving him for the night on the windowsill.
  • Matchmakers were sent to visit and village weddings were held.
  • They baked pancakes, treating all the guests. The first pancake was cut into 4 parts, laid out in the four corners of the hut to appease the brownie.
  • Dried forest mushrooms were laid out in secret places of the house, attracting wealth with this sign.
The arrival of autumn according to old calendars
The arrival of autumn according to old calendars

Pokrovsky signs

Most of the signs on Pokrov are associated with the autumn weather outside the window on that day:

  • a lot of snow - a lot will be played in a year of weddings;
  • a strong wind is blowing - there will be many good brides;
  • all the leaves from the trees have fallen - severe frosts will come in winter;
  • The Veil passed merrily - the cold winter will end quickly.

Church bans on October 14

Observing rituals and traditions on the Day of the Intercession, Christians sacredly observed some church prohibitions. Many rules have survived to this day, they relate to garden work in the garden and in the country.

On Pokrov it is prohibited:

  • perform any household (dirty) work related to cleaning, tidying up the local area, garden, washing, sewing, knitting and ironing;
  • if October 14 falls on Wednesday and Friday, it is allowed to eat fish during fasting on that day;
  • it is forbidden to pronounce any swear words and curses, to quarrel, to make trouble;
  • you can not drink alcohol;
  • it is not recommended to lend money, otherwise it will lead to poverty;
  • it is forbidden to refuse matchmakers on this day.

Many centuries have passed since the beginning of the celebration of the Intercession, but some traditions are still observed. All gardening, gardening work in the country and the site is prohibited on this day. Harvesting, fixing the house, tidying up branches, ridges, autumn planting of garlic or flowers must be completed before the church holiday.

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