Who To Pray For Marriage

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Who To Pray For Marriage
Who To Pray For Marriage

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Video: Who To Pray For Marriage
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The life of any woman is complex and multifaceted. A lot of life situations, both difficult and joyful, fall on fragile shoulders. A woman is a weak, gentle Divine creature and it is not possible to cope with all the surprises of fate alone.

Prayer will help you get married
Prayer will help you get married

A woman is warmer and calmer from the understanding that there is a reliable, faithful, strong companion nearby who will support, understand and will not leave alone with her sorrows and joys. And I also want to give care, love, give birth to children and help them explore the world. Every woman needs a family, a loving husband.

But, unfortunately, it happens that a clever, beautiful woman, but they do not take as a wife. She tries, searches, and the years go by, all her friends have found their halves, and her happiness is somewhere wandering around the world. What to do in this case, who to contact for help. Someone chooses the advice of psychologists, someone turns to sorcerers. We will not discuss these methods. They are not appropriate for everyone and correspond to beliefs. If a woman believes in God, then prayer with a request for marriage will help her. There are saints, turning to whom, help will surely follow. These are Saint Nicholas, Saint Catherine the Great Martyr, Virgin Mary.

St Nicholas

Saint Nicholas was modest during his lifetime and never exhibited his good deeds. He helped the suffering people secretly, did not boast of help in front of others. Saint Nicholas did not leave anyone in trouble, and during his lifetime he was considered a miracle worker.

In prayer, one should address Saint Nicholas sincerely, without cunning. The request must come from the heart and be filled with great desire and faith. You can pray both in church and at home.

Holy Great Martyr Catherine

The Holy Great Martyr Catherine was unearthly beauty and extraordinary intelligence. She decided to keep her virginity for life and refused to marry. According to the legend, the Lord chose her as an incorruptible bride and said to preserve this union, never having an earthly groom. After this vision, Catherine devoted herself entirely to the ministry. And when she was executed for her devotion to the Lord and unshakable beliefs, milk flowed from the wound instead of blood.

The Holy Great Martyr Catherine is praying to her mother and asking for happiness and marriage for her daughters. But the woman herself can ask the Saint to send the long-awaited husband.

Virgin Mary Mother of God

The Blessed Virgin Mary was the first who decided to devote herself entirely to serving God. She was virgin and pure and became the mother of Jesus Christ.

The prayer to the Mother of God for marriage is the most powerful of all known. Many women got married and had children thanks to a prayer request addressed to the Virgin Mary.

The Bible says that it is not good for a person to be alone, so the Saints help women find happiness and a strong shoulder by their side, because the main purpose of a woman is to be happy and continue the human race.