How To Recognize Envy

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How To Recognize Envy
How To Recognize Envy

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Envy is inherent to some extent to all people. A kid is jealous of a schoolboy, a schoolboy envies a high school student, a high school student envies a student, etc. Men are more inclined to envy career success and material wealth, while feminine envy is caused by beauty and family well-being. It can be difficult to recognize an envious person, because adults are trying with all their might to hide this black feeling under different masks.

How to recognize envy
How to recognize envy


Step 1

Minimize communication with a person whose envy is obvious. Some people envy others so often that they don't even bother to hide it. They may be jealous of everything: career advancement, a happy marriage, having children, inheriting. Such people enjoy seeing other people's failures. It is extremely rare to communicate with them, as they are unreliable and can fail in a difficult situation.

Step 2

Be wary if a person says he envies you in a white way. White envy is also envy, it differs from black only in that it is conscious. The catch in such a phrase, even if a friend uttered it, is that you do not know how often he envies you in white. White envy can easily turn into black envy and harm even family relationships.

Step 3

If you want to test a friend or relative for jealousy, evaluate their reaction when you talk about your success again. Sincere joy cannot be confused with anything. If a person is really happy for you, he will not look away, he will listen carefully and express positive emotions.

Step 4

Think about the person's feelings if they have strange reactions to your happy moments in life. For example, you talk about achievements, and at the same time his mood changes dramatically. He may suddenly become sad or irritated. This suggests that your success makes him feel jealous.

Step 5

Pay attention to the reaction of your friends when you appear in front of them in a chic new thing that suits you. Those of them who do not consciously notice and do not say anything about a new dress (bag, shoes), it is quite obvious that they envy you.

Step 6

The jealousy of some work colleagues can also be recognized. It manifests itself in various jokes and reproaches, when you succeed in everything, but they do not. They can deliberately diminish the importance and painstakingness of your work, suggesting that anyone can do it.

Step 7

Friends' envy is determined by the way they listen to you. If you talk about how you spent your vacation in warm countries, and a person suddenly starts looking bored out of the window or flipping through a magazine, this does not mean at all that he is not interested in listening. Most likely, he is jealous and tries to hide this feeling under the mask of indifference.

Step 8

Recognizing jealousy in yourself can be equally difficult. Even if you are sure that you are completely satisfied with life and you are not envious of anyone, you may notice strange reactions when communicating with people. For example, talking to a friend who recently gave birth, you are glad that she is happy. But after the conversation, melancholy and bad mood find you. This is also a kind of envy.

Step 9

Learn to recognize and cope with your own envy, because this is a sinful feeling that eats away at a person from the inside. Excessive jealousy can be severely damaging to your health. Reassure yourself that things are happening in life that will make you happy, and that difficulties are only temporary. Envy is meaningless, because in the life of all people, without exception, there are joys and sorrows, and ups and downs.

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