How To Write A Testimonial For An Award

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How To Write A Testimonial For An Award
How To Write A Testimonial For An Award

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If the management of your enterprise or a higher organization has made a decision on the need to reward an employee or manager with any state or departmental award, a description from the place of work must be included in the package of necessary documents. This characteristic can be written on a separate sheet or in the text of the application for the award.

How to write a testimonial for an award
How to write a testimonial for an award


Step 1

The design of any award of industry, municipal or state significance is regulated by a special document. Study the statement of the award for which your company is presenting its employee. These provisions even exist for certificates of honor, which are awarded to workers by line ministries, municipal administrations.

Step 2

Whatever the unified form of the characteristic, there are requirements for its filling. Please note that the name of the position and place of work of the employee to be awarded must be indicated in the text of the characteristics in full without the use of abbreviations.

Step 3

State awards that have already been awarded to the employee, list them with their full name and year of receipt. Specify awards of line ministries and departments, public organizations, federal agencies in a separate item.

Step 4

In the section of the characteristics dedicated to the work activity of the person being awarded, list all organizations and positions held by him in strict accordance with the entries in the work book, a separate line indicating the month and year when he entered the job and was dismissed from it. The last record of the present place of work must correspond to that indicated in the title information.

Step 5

Place the text of the characteristic compactly, its volume should not exceed one page. Usually, if no other requirements are specified in the regulation on this award, fonts are used in size 12 or 14.

Step 6

In the main section of the characteristics to be awarded, detail the nature and degree of merit by the education or industry. Pay special attention to the last five years of his activity. The degree of merit must correspond to the status of the award for which you are presenting him. Official duties performed by an employee are not a reason for rewarding, and it is not allowed to indicate them as merit. These include certain outstanding results of his work.

Step 7

Reflect the facts of the employee's encouragement with regional and departmental awards in the final part of the characteristics indicating the date of the award.

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