How To Make A Testimonial From Neighbors

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How To Make A Testimonial From Neighbors
How To Make A Testimonial From Neighbors

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A testimonial signed by neighbors, or a testimonial from the place of residence, may be required in court or as an attachment to a petition for parole from places of detention. It can be requested by lawyers to consider a request for custody or adoption of a minor child.

How to make a testimonial from neighbors
How to make a testimonial from neighbors


Step 1

The characteristic is written in any form and signed by those neighbors who express a desire to do so. Since the text of the characteristic should list everyone who signs it, go around your neighbors in advance. Agree with them, you can verbally, the text of the characteristics, secure their consent and ask for information about the surnames, names and patronymics, their exact passport data and information about the addresses of residence. The more signatures you manage to collect, the better.

Step 2

When registering characteristics from the place of residence, adhere to the general rules for registering characteristics. In the title, indicate the type of characteristic and to whom it is provided with a full indication of the last name, first name and patronymic, as well as the address of residence.

Step 3

In the questionnaire part, indicate the year and place of birth of the person, the place of his work and the positions he occupied. Indicate from what time this citizen lives at the specified address and describe the composition of his family. In the list, you must indicate everyone who lives with him, the degree of their relationship, the age of the children who have not reached the age of majority.

Step 4

Start the main text of the characteristic with the words: "According to the testimony of neighbors:" and list the list of those who have expressed a desire to sign this characteristic. In the list, in addition to the last name, first name and patronymic, indicate passport information and address of residence.

Step 5

List the neighbors' complaints, if any, otherwise, be sure to mark their absence. Tell us about the established relationship, reflect the facts of alcohol or drug abuse, violations of the norms of the hostel. Do not forget to list the facts of socially useful activities, participation in the improvement of public areas, and helping neighbors. Describe in detail any positives that have occurred.

Step 6

Print out the testimonial and collect the signatures of all the persons you have indicated in it. It must be certified with the seal of the homeowners' association or the housing office responsible for servicing your territory. The district inspector must also provide a certification signature and seal.

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