How To Find Who Served In Afghanistan

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How To Find Who Served In Afghanistan
How To Find Who Served In Afghanistan

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It is the sacred duty of contemporaries to remember the dead and to know the living Afghan warriors. Veterans of the Afghan war are now far from old people and actively communicate with each other. How to find a person with whom you served in Afghanistan?

How to find who served in Afghanistan
How to find who served in Afghanistan


Step 1

Go to the website It presents a forum where former Afghan warriors communicate and where you can meet participants you know or ask about a person you are interested in. The list of military units in Afghanistan since the presence of Soviet troops there is presented on the website as "smoking rooms" of specific motorized rifle divisions and other units. If you know the place of duty, then go to the desired "smoking room". On the site, you can browse through photo albums in the hope of seeing familiar faces or, with regret, look into the "Book of Memory". Try to find comrades in arms under the heading "Search for fellow soldiers", indicating the name, surname, name and number of the military unit, place and years of service, and other details about the person you are looking for. Be sure to leave your contact information (city, email address, phone number) in the message about the search for colleagues.

Step 2

Use the V network to search for a fellow soldier, created specifically for people who at certain moments in their lives were associated with the armed forces. Army friends and colleagues communicate on this site. Here you can find a person whom you have not seen in many years, and perhaps arrange a meeting. The site offers a scanned version of the book of memory of Afghanistan, where you can meet familiar surnames.

Step 3

Look at the information on the specialized KGB website Immediately in the list of the main menu, there are sections in which you can find specific people: Afghans-Heroes of the Soviet Union, a forum of participants in hostilities, a gallery of photo albums, a list of users, unique documents and a search for fellow soldiers.

Step 4

Study the material of the sites of regional associations of Afghan veterans, for example, the Sverdlovsk site of war veterans ( or the Volgograd Union of paratroopers ( Such organizations lead an active social life, arranging annual meetings of veterans and fellow soldiers in different cities of Russia and neighboring countries. In the hope of not only finding, but also meeting the person you are looking for, register on the site and apply to participate in such an event.

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