How To Order A Magpie

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How To Order A Magpie
How To Order A Magpie

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In church life, the concept of a magpie is often used. Forty-mouth is a commemoration of the living or the dead in church prayer for 40 days. This is one of the important services for a person who wants to find peace in his soul, receive support in business, and heal from an illness. The magpie can be ordered both for yourself and for other people, the living and the dead. The main thing is that the desire to order this prayer service is sincere. However, one should always turn to God with a pure soul and pure thoughts.

How to order a magpie
How to order a magpie

It is necessary

  • - candles;
  • - the name of the person you are asking for.


Step 1

The magpie is a special rite, during which a prayer is read for a certain person every day for forty days. Forty-mouth is a special, intensified prayer of the Church for health or for the repose of her children. For forty days - forty Divine Liturgies - the priest at Proskomidia commemorates the person whose name was indicated in the forty-mouth. How long this commemoration will last depends on the time of the services. If services in the temple are held every day, then the name of the mentioned person will be pronounced for one and a half months. If the services are held on specific days, accordingly, the magpie will last much longer.

Step 2

Forty-mouth is considered the most powerful prayer. After all, an appeal to God with a request to help a person heal or recover spiritually will sound for forty days. The magpie can be ordered when an intense prayer is required for someone. The magpie orders for health and peace. The magpie is usually ordered about health in case of a serious illness, health problems, and when a person has only hope for the help of God.

Step 3

Priests often propose to order a forty-day for a newly reposed (deceased person). This is due to the fact that the soul of a deceased person cannot itself pray and repent in Confession of its sins. And the relatives of this soul can help her. To do this, it is enough to order the magpie for repose. This prayer is very powerful. However, like other prayers addressed to God.

Step 4

To strengthen the prayer, the Orthodox order prayer services (magpies) at the same time in several churches. It is believed that a prayer for a person, said several times, is much more effective than a one-time remembrance in the temple. This kind of prayer has the greatest effect. And you can order a magpie not only for 40 days, but also for six months or even a year. At the same time, you can indicate when to commemorate a person: at all services or not.

Step 5

What is the peculiarity of this prayer service? In the fact that every day at the Liturgy, for the commemorated person, a particle is taken out of the prosphora and immersed in the Chalice with the Holy Mysteries (the Body and Blood of Christ). It is believed that this is a kind of sacrifice from the believer, for whom a prayer is read and thus he receives grace, sanctification, and remission of sins. There is a church rule to commemorate the dead for forty days. Such prayers help the deceased by the power of God to overcome the temptations of the devil and receive the Kingdom of Heaven. You can also submit a note to the magpie with the names of the living. At the same time, one should ask the Lord for health, understanding by this word not only physical strength and health, but also grace, enlightenment of the soul, prosperity in worldly affairs and guidance on the true path.

Step 6

Some believe that if you order a magpie "about health" in three churches at once, you can save a person from the evil eye and damage. However, there are strict rules, the observance of which is required by the Holy Church. You may not accept a note with a request for a forty-day commemoration at the Liturgy for every person.

Step 7

So, you cannot submit notes about the deceased if he was not churchgoed, died without repentance, or the funeral service for his soul was not carried out. The same applies to the unbaptized (both living and departed).

Step 8

Suicides are not commemorated at the Liturgy, as well as others who have committed a mortal sin.

Step 9

They will not accept the petition for prayer for sectarians, heretics, gentiles, schismatics and conscious blasphemers, whose enmity towards God has been clearly evidenced.

Step 10

Some churches and monasteries do not accept requests for prayer for parishioners of churches of different patriarchates, although they are believers of the same denomination.

Step 11

To order a magpie, you need to come to the temple, it is advisable to attend the service, write the names of those about whom you want to ask for prayers and transfer the notes to the altar in the Church. Before you may be asked questions, it is worth answering them sincerely and honestly, because the responsibility before God falls on the one asking.

Step 12

If you do not know how to order a magpie, seek help from a temple official. A knowledgeable person assigned to serve God will tell you what to do in this case.

Step 13

In addition, recently, Internet resources have appeared, thanks to which everyone can order a magpie about health or peace, without leaving their own home. As the creators of such projects assure, they are a group of like-minded people who honor the traditions of the Orthodox people and help order services in the church. Naturally, you will have to pay a certain amount for this service. What will be the total cost of the order depends on the number of churches to which it is planned to submit the notes about the magpie. However, it is not known how honest these projects are and how the church treats such “helpers”. Still, it will be better if you yourself come to the temple.

Step 14

If your petition for the magpie was rejected, you can always pray for those who are dear to you at a prayer service, order a panikhida or apply for them to the Psalter in monasteries. And also, do not forget not only to write the names of loved ones in the church, but also yourself regularly touch the sacraments of the Church, lead a way of life pleasing to God and tirelessly pray for the forgiveness of sins - then there will be more strength in your aspirations!

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