How To Find The Owner Of The Order By Number

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How To Find The Owner Of The Order By Number
How To Find The Owner Of The Order By Number

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The remains of those who fell during the Great Patriotic War are often found by search engines. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to decipher the data of soldier's medallions, even if they are. According to the award, it is possible to establish the identity of the deceased, since all military orders and medals have numbers.

How to find the owner of the order by number
How to find the owner of the order by number

It is necessary

  • - reward;
  • - catalog of orders and medals;
  • - a computer with Internet access.


Step 1

Determine what kind of award fell into your hands. This can be done according to the catalog "Orders and Medals of the USSR." Such reference books can still be found in libraries and bookstores today. They also exist in electronic form, including on many military-historical sites. Each military decoration has a unique identification number. Award documents are in the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Step 2

Create an archive request. It is better to do this through the military registration and enlistment office, museum or search party. To obtain an archive certificate for third parties, you must provide documents certifying the degree of kinship, and you, of course, do not have them. For legal entities, such a certificate can be provided. In the request, indicate the name of the order, the degree, the purpose for which you need to find out these data. There may be such a request from local authorities, especially if remains that need to be buried are found. Also indicate the type of archival document that you need. This can be a registration card, award sheet, award order. The officers were given registration cards. Databases on orders issued during the war exist, since special journals were kept. As for the medals "For Courage" and "For Military Merit," in this case, the journals were not kept so accurately, so the necessary information may not be available. The request must also include a legible address. Better if it is the address of a legal entity.

Step 3

You can try using the online archive search. Go to the Archive Search site. There you will be asked to punch "By last name, first name and patronymic" and "By the number of the order or medal." Choose the second. Please carefully read the terms of information provision. You will be able to get the necessary information about the last name, first name, patronymic, place of call. This information is sufficient for the burial of the remains.

Step 4

To set up a stand in the museum, try to find some other information about the owner of the order. Knowing the place of the call, you can contact the regional or local archives. Contact the Museum of Military Glory, which is located in this village, with a search party located there. Search engine coordinates can be found on the website of the Union of Search Units.

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