How To Light A Candle For Health

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How To Light A Candle For Health
How To Light A Candle For Health

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In order to light a candle for the health of someone close to you, you need to follow a few simple rules regarding church candles, as well as general behavior in the temple.

How to light a candle for health
How to light a candle for health


Step 1

Dress appropriately when going to the temple. The shoulders should be closed (it is desirable that the sleeve reaches at least the elbow). The skirt or trousers must be long, no shorts are allowed. Women should enter the temple with their heads covered, and men without a headdress. Women should not have lipstick on their lips. you will need to kiss the icon.

Step 2

Come to light candles before the start of the service or after it ends, so as not to disturb the order of the service.

Step 3

Buy candles in the temple where you will put them. This is how you make a small donation. However, the cost of candles does not matter - all of them, even the cheapest ones, are equally suitable for the ritual.

Step 4

Before putting candles for health, you can put them to the icon, symbolizing the church holiday celebrated on a given day (usually the festive icon is placed in the most prominent place). You can also put a candle to the icon depicting the patron saint of the temple, and then to your saint (whose name he was baptized with).

Step 5

Candles for health can be placed in any candlestick in front of the icon, but not on the eve table (a square candlestick with a crucifix) - candles are put there only for the repose. Usually candles for health are placed in front of the icon of the Savior, the Mother of God or the healer Panteleimon.

Step 6

The candle should be lit from one of the other candles in the candlestick, not from the lamp. Then you need to slightly heat the base of the candle so that the melted wax will securely fix the candle in the candlestick.

Step 7

Putting a candle for health, you need to mentally turn to that saint, to whose icon the candle is placed and ask him about the health of someone from your family (or all at once). After saying the prayer, you should kiss the icon of the saint to whom you turned.

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