How To Issue An Obituary

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How To Issue An Obituary
How To Issue An Obituary

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An obituary is a message about the death of a person that is placed in a newspaper or magazine. Contains condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. There are certain rules for the design of this sad announcement.

How to issue an obituary
How to issue an obituary


Step 1

What is the name of the deceased. Be sure to indicate it in full - last name, first name, patronymic. The obituary should indicate not only the date of death, but also the date of birth of the deceased. The place of birth of the deceased and the place where the burial is planned should be mentioned. This is done so that everyone can come to say goodbye.

Step 2

Be careful when describing the circumstances of death. If a person died as a result of an illness, we can talk about a sudden death. The phrase "tragic death" means that death could have been avoided under different circumstances.

Step 3

Write that the deceased will remain in the memory of loved ones, relatives and friends. Never criticize a person in an obituary. There is no need to talk about a difficult character, a wrong lifestyle, missed opportunities, and so on.

Step 4

The obituary should mention the relatives of the deceased. Do not violate the hierarchy: first are the grandparents, then the parents, spouse, children of the deceased, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, sisters and brothers.

Step 5

If a famous person died, be sure to tell about his merits and achievements. Of course, the story should be short and succinct. Do not forget to list the regalia of the deceased person.

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