How To Dress For The Bolshoi Theater

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How To Dress For The Bolshoi Theater
How To Dress For The Bolshoi Theater

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A visit to the Bolshoi Theater is a bright event both for an inveterate theater-goer and for a person who has seen a performance for the first time in his life. Luxurious interiors, a unique theater atmosphere, elegant audience - you will have to match all this. Prepare for the opera or ballet with the appropriate outfit.

How to dress for the Bolshoi Theater
How to dress for the Bolshoi Theater


Step 1

When going to the Bolshoi Theater, remember the rules of etiquette. They provide for more modest and simple outfits for morning and afternoon performances. If you go to an opera or ballet that starts at noon, wear a fancy dress or suit with a skirt or pants. Instead of a knitted blouse, choose a pretty blouse. Men are supposed to wear a classic daytime suit with a soft tie and a fresh shirt.

Step 2

Evening performances include more elegant clothes. Wear a short evening dress. A plain fabric suit can be a good alternative. The combination of a blouse with a skirt or trousers may look too simple - it is better to complement such an ensemble with a matching jacket. Men should try on a dark evening suit with a white shirt.

Step 3

The most beautiful outfits are traditionally reserved for premieres. Long evening dresses for ladies and tuxedos for gentlemen are appropriate on such an evening. However, in a short elegant dress or a dark suit of good quality, you will feel no less confident. Choosing an outfit with a deep neckline, take with you a stole or a cape that can be thrown over your shoulders.

Step 4

The choice of costume also depends on where you will be sitting. Visitors to the parterre, benoir and first tier traditionally dress more elegantly. If your seats are on the upper tiers, dress more simply. You will not go out into the front foyer of the lower tiers, so you can easily do without tuxedos and toilets with deep necklines.

Step 5

Do not come to the theater in sportswear, shorts, oversized T-shirts, or designer toilets that are too far from the concept of "classic clothing". Ripped jeans, slogan tops and skirts worn over trousers can look very creative, but these outfits are more appropriate in nightclubs.

Step 6

Take care of shoes and accessories. Instead of practical everyday boots, wear nice shoes. If you have to walk to the theater, bring a change of shoes or at least a sponge with you to quickly get your shoes and boots in order. In the summer, refrain from flip-flops, plastic sandals, sneakers and other unsuitable shoes.

Step 7

Please note that you will have to leave too large bags and briefcases in the wardrobe. Instead of bulky trunks, take to the theater an elegant clutch or a small purse with an elegant belt that can be hung on your shoulder.

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