Pensions Of Russian Stars In

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Pensions Of Russian Stars In
Pensions Of Russian Stars In

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All Russians, upon reaching a certain age, go on a well-deserved rest, which is popularly referred to as a “pension”. Along with ordinary citizens, film, stage and show business artists are retiring.

Pensions of Russian stars in 2019
Pensions of Russian stars in 2019

Most ordinary people believe that celebrities receive a huge allowance, which is calculated based on multi-million dollar royalties, but this is not at all the case. A lot of artists receive the same pension as completely unremarkable personalities. Some stars did not hesitate to share their painful issues, giving various kinds of interviews.

Mikhail Boyarsky

The state assigned the main D'Artanyan of the country an allowance in the amount of 15,000 rubles, but Mikhail receives about 20. According to Boyarsky himself, this money is enough for him to feed himself, and he rarely buys expensive things and new clothes, mainly at the insistence of loved ones. To help a large family, the far from young Boyarsky still performs at various parties, openings and starred in short films.

Edita Piekha

The star can boast of her income, her allowance is more than 40 thousand rubles. A surprisingly large pension consists of two parts: miners' - 25 thousand rubles. and stage - about 17.

But Svetlana Svetlichnaya cannot boast of such an income, since her pension is 14,000 rubles.

Tatiana Dmitrieva

In an interview, a popular actress said that her old-age allowance is about 15,000 rubles, it is enough to pay for an apartment and some household stuff. To support herself and take care of an elderly sick mother, the actress still plays in the theater and starred in episodic roles in films.

Alla Pugacheva

Once the prima donna joked about the size of her meager pension - 17,000 rubles, saying that it was unrealistic to live on this money. Nevertheless, Alla was lying, all the money received from the state, she donates to one of the fans who is confined to a wheelchair. At the moment, judging by the publications in Komsomolskaya Pravda, the prima donna gets almost three times more, about 47 tr. She received a bonus in various regalia and titles.

Sofia Rotaru

The singer is also dissatisfied with the size of the pension of 15-16 thousand rubles, Sofia tirelessly repeats about the scantiness of the allowance, nevertheless, the artist transfers everything to the penny for the treatment of a girl with a serious pathology of the musculoskeletal system. The singer's manager shared information about the size of the pension benefit.

Tatiana Dogileva

The artist still has no idea why the state was so angry at her, appointing a retirement benefit of 14,000 rubles. The 60-year-old actress believes that in this way the state showed how low it appreciated all her artistic achievements. Due to the microscopic income, Tatyana still has to work.

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