How To Determine Your Coordinates

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How To Determine Your Coordinates
How To Determine Your Coordinates

Video: How To Determine Your Coordinates

Video: How To Determine Your Coordinates
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Sometimes it becomes necessary to determine your location on a geographical map of the world, including the relatively precise geographical coordinates of the settlement in which you are or where you plan to go. What are the ways to determine your place in this world?

How to determine your coordinates
How to determine your coordinates

It is necessary

topographic map of the area; computer with internet access


Step 1

The easiest way is to use a regular topographic map. The image of the terrain on such a map has a certain scale and grid of coordinates. The values of their rectangular coordinates are indicated at the outputs of the lines of the coordinate grid near the frame framing the map sheet.

Step 2

The second method requires a computer and Internet access. The method allows you to accurately determine the geographical coordinates of the image taken from an artificial earth satellite.

Step 3

Open Google Maps. Find the place on the map, the coordinates of which you intend to establish. The map can be moved around the computer screen using the manipulator or the corresponding buttons on the keyboard, while the visible scale of objects will change as you wish.

Step 4

Right-click on the desired point on the map. Select "What's here?" From the menu that opens. You will see a marker (marker) on your map. Take a look at the top of the window and you will find that the geographical coordinates of the location you are looking for appear there.

Step 5

Similarly, you can use the Yandex. Cards". To find out the coordinates, press the button "Get information", which is drawn with a question mark and an arrow. The button is in the upper left side of the map. Clicking on the map reveals a marker that appears on the map. In this case, the search line will contain the required coordinates.

Step 6

And here is another non-standard way to find data on the location of a settlement. Many astrological services provide a free service for determining the geographic coordinates of a large number of settlements. After entering the name of the settlement in the search line, click the "Find" button. You will immediately see the values of the coordinates corresponding to the city or village, with an accuracy, as a rule, of up to minutes. The data format may look like this: St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia, Leningrad region, 59 ° 55'N, 30 ° 15'E.

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