Chbosky Stephen: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Chbosky Stephen: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Chbosky Stephen: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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The problems of upbringing the younger generation at all times worried caring people. Each of them has his own ideas and suggestions. American writer Stephen Chbosky is no exception.

Stephen Chbosky
Stephen Chbosky

Children's complexes

According to some psychologists, creative natures are very often guided by childhood impressions absorbed with mother's milk. Stephen Chbosky was born on January 25, 1970 in a Catholic family. Parents lived in the famous city of Pittsburgh. My father advised players in the financial markets. Mother worked as a tax inspector. The house was dominated by strict, even despotic rules. Husband and wife adhered to Bible rules. The child grew up withdrawn and sullen. Only the aunt who lived with them always pitied and supported the boy.

Stephen learned to read early and spent all his free time with a book. There were few books at home, and he regularly visited the school library. The future writer later admitted that he did not choose books, but read those that came to hand. Science fiction, classics, thrillers were "swallowed" in one sitting. As often happens, at some point Chbosky felt the need to write a story or a poem himself. The school teacher of literature neatly motivated him to work.

In the writing field

The teenager was embarrassed to show his literary attempts. But while communicating in literature lessons, I risked reading a few fragments. The reaction of the peers and the teacher was friendly. In 1988, Stephen graduated from high school. After natural hesitation, he decided to get a specialized education at the department of screenwriting at the University of California. During his studies, he was engaged in literary creativity. From under his pen came out scripts for short films.

In 1992, Chbosky graduated and began collaborating with Hollywood film studios. He received several prestigious awards for the script for the film "Four Corners". For several years he systematically worked on his first novel. In 1999, the book "It's Good to Be Quiet" went on sale. The plot of the novel is "involved" in childhood memories and impressions of the author. Within a short time, the entire edition was sold out. The following year, the novel was added to the bestseller list.

Private side

A short biography of the writer scrupulously records the successes and achievements. By 2007, sales of the cult novel reached seven hundred thousand copies. Five years later, Chbosky worked as a producer of a film based on the book. Stephen's career took shape both in the book market and in the cinema. In the film "Four Corners" he participated as a screenwriter, producer and actor.

Almost nothing is known about the writer's personal life. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Chbosky is actively involved in the fight for gay rights. Today he lives in Los Angeles and continues to engage in literary work.

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